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for You've given me No Choice

9/12/2014 c17 SoManyFandomsUrHeadExplodes98
Please post another chapter the wait is killing me!
9/9/2014 c17 6Lionnara
Cant wait to the meeting between the two family
9/6/2014 c17 9Haquikah
Cute! Listen to Im not that girl if you havent already, it works wit this chapter! That was more of a filler chapter but essential nontheless. Liked the quote. I have a feeling i know who took their stuff.
9/5/2014 c17 jbarbosa12
9/5/2014 c17 brebre99
Wow im so excited i cant wait till she sees him again
9/5/2014 c17 sujari6
Great story.
9/5/2014 c17 csp4
"...a classic nineteen sixty-eight Dodge Charger. It was candy apple red..." Hope Bella's good at losing cops 'cause that's a definite ticket magnet::))

"...started to head to the Oyer home feeling an amazing pull but the pain in my chest was too much..." Hmm, I wonder
8/18/2014 c16 Guest
Well I think Bella's "family" should find out about "the hidden plot" before the Cullen reunion.
8/14/2014 c16 Guest
When will u be updating again?
8/12/2014 c16 7Fakin'it
Yep, eager for the reunion.
8/11/2014 c16 4Matthias Stormcrow
8/11/2014 c15 Matthias Stormcrow
Very good.
8/11/2014 c16 csp4
"I was a professional in my human life and I think I would like to try that again" I think it's humorous that every time Tony, Beth or Bella say anything about their human life, no actual identifying info is given::))

"He asked for my opinions and complimented my insights" Tony & Beth impress me. They prove old dogs can learn new tricks since they have actually grown/changed over the years from traditional early 1900's ways. Too bad their son is so stuck!

Interesting scene with Jenks.
8/10/2014 c5 jbarbosa12
Loving this!
8/10/2014 c16 nicoleleecarter
please update soon
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