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1/23/2020 c4 Guest
Is he dead?
5/17/2017 c4 4iLovemyRobins
5/8/2017 c4 Guest
So its been THREE YEARS since you wrote this but gosh I still want a conclusion! I love where you were going with it, the emotions, I wanted to see him have to be batman when dealing with the suspect who attacked his ward...
7/28/2016 c4 Air-Is-My-Pollution
Please update soon!:)
7/23/2016 c4 claire
So I don't know if you're still planning on doing the princess thing, but if you are:

Robin Kida (cause he's a warrior)
Roy Merida (cause she's a wild red-headed archer)
Wally Anna (cause they have similar personalities)
Kaldur Ariel (cause unda da sea)
Connor Mulan (cause they're both strong)
Megan Giselle (cause of her desire to live in a perfect fantasy world)
Artemis Rapunzel (this wasn't a choice but I like it cause of the impossibly long blonde hair and being "trapped in a tower" aka trapped living with her dad while her mom was in prison)
Raquel Tinker Bell (cause they have similar attitudes [from my limited knowledge on Rocket])
Zatanna Princess Eilonwy (once again this wasn't a choice but yes this is a real princess, she's not well known but she's from The Black Cauldron and is strong-willed, plucky, and a comedian who also just so happens to have magic powers)
Cameron Elsa (cause ice powers duh)
Jade Megara (cause of her sass)

Also if you are going to continue this story that'd be great cause I really love it and am interested to know how it's going to end.
1/13/2016 c4 Hi My name is The BFG
Your story is AMAZING could you PLEASE write more? I'M BEGGING YOU! PLEASE!
11/30/2015 c4 Guest of honor
Please update now so we can find out if dick lives or dies. I must no. Update now.
11/14/2015 c4 Guest
Can you PLEASE write more of this?!
11/14/2015 c3 Guest
Robin should be esmeralda because-duh-he's a gypsy. Roy should be merida because arrows and red head? Wally should be anna because the personality kind of fits, and kaldur should be kida because he's an atlantian, connor aurora because when the team found him he was kind of asleep, megan should be giselle because of the red hair and the dreams of living in a cliche fairytale, artemis should be megara because of her sassiness, raquel should be-umm... don't know much about her so lets say tiana, zatanna should be snow white because of her appearance, cameron should be elsa because-hello? Icicle jr? And jade... it's really obvious that she should be mulan
6/28/2015 c4 briangela01
Plz continue it's amazing so far
6/3/2015 c4 Guest
More! Please! Such a cliffie! I love that it was the alley IT happened in.
4/5/2015 c4 8Airenee
Update! It was really getting to the good part!
1/15/2015 c4 sophia
12/4/2014 c4 Guest
This is awesome plz finish maybe make a villain like deathstroke steal dick from the hospital and train dick as his apprentice while leaving a fake body so everyone thinks dick is dead but really he's being trained as an assassin and during that time Barbara becomes batgirl
9/23/2014 c4 53moonshadow2012
This is so suspenseful!
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