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3/14/2014 c4 ruthrod97
You're welcome :) I'm so happy that you updated and I'm so looking forward to Bruce's reaction in the next chapter . Update soon!
3/14/2014 c4 GHIRFH
3/14/2014 c4 16Violently Red
You're welcome, darling. :) really liked the chapter, hope you'll post again soon. I LOVE YOU DICK!
Don't make him die, man. Don't do it... :D
3/14/2014 c4 5CaptainOldDog
poor barbra, you really feel for her.
3/14/2014 c4 Mickey's Girl
Oh man...! Was Joe Chill the one that made that to Dick? Poor Babs, her best friend... What's gonna happen next?
3/12/2014 c3 gollywog76
What? Why would you... Why would anyone in their right minds do that? Please, don't turn these awesome YJ characters into Disney characters; seriously, WHAT THE FISH?! Why the hell would you do that? And if you did that, then you would have to change their genders. Do you know how DEGRADING gender swapping is?! Please, show some respect to these characters and don't write a story about that. Please, carry on with this story! It's really great! If you want to write a story about Disney princesses then write one about the actual princesses themselves in whatever fanfiction section they are in - don't drag YJ into this! Imagine if Wally or Kaldur or Dick or Roy or even Connor were PRINCESSES! Princesses! *insert Gay Seal meme* That would be so GAAAY! You'd be rubbing their good names in the dirt! These two genres are completely different and it would just be weird if you combined them. Please, don't turn them into Disney princesses. Most of the YJ characters are MALE, the princesses are girls! You can't merge those two into one character - THAT'S JUST WRONG IN SOO MANY WAYS!
3/11/2014 c3 Lavendersalamder
Robin as Snow White! 100% all the way. Black hair, pale skin, blue eyes. The description just fits perfectly. Great story!
3/11/2014 c3 Moth165
I will seriously cry my eyes out if I don't see this story up front by the weekend. OH THE CLIFFHANGERS!
Robin should be Esmerelda!
Zatanna should be Pocahontas!
Megan should be Ariel!
Roy should be Merida!
Artemis should be Megara!
Wally should be Anna!
Jade should be Mulan!
Kaldur should be Kida!
Connor should be Snow White!
3/12/2014 c3 1RollingUpHigh
Wally- Rapunzel
Kaldur- Kida
Connor- Tiana
Cameron-Aurora(wicked stepsister?)
3/11/2014 c3 Mickey's Girl
Jade - Megara
Cameron - Elsa?
Zatanna - Snow White
Raquel - Tiana
Artemis - Merida
Megan - Ariel
Roy - Tinker Bell
and I don't know about Rob
3/11/2014 c3 2No. 1 Loser
Robin: Esmeralda , Roy tinker bell, and Artemis as megara!,
3/11/2014 c3 16Violently Red
M'gann should be Anna.
Artemis, Elsa? :)
Raquel, definitely Tiana.
Wally would be Rapunzel. Or Ariel :)
Roy, Merida! Lol
I think Artemis would actually be good as Meg from Hercules, with the relation to the dark side and such.
Kaldur- Pocahontas. He doesn't have Ariel' s personality.
Zatanna- Snow White.
Robin would be a good Mulan
3/11/2014 c3 14Sairey13
Dick: Esmeralda
Roy: Merida
Wally: Anna
Kaldur: Melody
Conner: Jasmine
M'gann: Kida
Artemis: Odette (The Swan Princess)
Raquel: Tiana
Zatanna: Pocahontas
Cameron: Elsa
Jade: Mulan
Hope this helps, and hope to see the actual Chapter 3, soon!
2/21/2014 c2 Moth165
OH MY GOODNESS! That was SO amazing! YES! It totally made me cry! OH MY GOSH! PLEASE continue!
2/19/2014 c2 16Violently Red
Shreik! Oh my... YOU MUST UPDATE NOW.
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