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for Hybrid's Rhapsody

3/20/2015 c2 Guest
Chapter 3
3/16/2014 c2 darkness dragon
if you guys read chapter 2 then you know who sopa is
3/15/2014 c1 2yusei x akiza fan
Rockin story please continue it. And what. The hell is sopa
3/15/2014 c1 Guest
Update please pls pls pls ...
3/14/2014 c2 darkness dragon
i was on tumblr, fanfiction and devintart and i like- no love those websites and i don't want them to be taken down
we are not losing to SOPA we will win the war against SOPA
1/31/2014 c1 13narusakufan1985
This is a great story. Please continue. Yusei and Aki forever.

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