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5/27/2020 c35 2yarnfan4life
love it please write more
11/6/2018 c35 1gabelou1991
J'aime beaucoup, perdre c'est bien écrit et j'y adhère totalement.
8/29/2018 c35 1rukxichi.15
8/29/2018 c18 rukxichi.15
I LOVE THIS! Go tommy!
5/13/2018 c2 PercyJackson36
Uh, no. Not "had nearly died", HAD DIED! He actually died, and they "had to restart his heart"!
2/24/2017 c35 T0ny4
I love it, it's just the way that things should have gone. Tommy and Oliver talk, resolve their issues and at the end Tommy lives. God I'm so happy that Tommy lived thank you so much for that
7/15/2016 c35 Killmyaccount17597
This was a really awesome fic. I almost gave up when you "killed" Tommy, but you recovered that nicely. I was almost expecting one of the guys to say anything you can do i can do better. I enjoyed this a lot.
7/7/2015 c35 19orthankg1
Very nice.
6/18/2014 c35 CKFan37
I loved your story. I am looking forward to reading more of your stories.
6/13/2014 c35 2KVD
Wow brilliant story have been reading for days when I could squeeze it in. Love seeing things from his point of view. And liked the use of lessons learnt in here. Oh and really like that tommy survived he really shouldn't have died
6/5/2014 c35 Husky2014
I loved it and I really hope that you do a sequel!
6/2/2014 c35 36Rennie75
Wow, it was so fun to catch up on this one! So many wonderful surprises and I enjoyed each & every one of them!

This was a fantastic AU you created and I am just glad to have been along for the ride!

Absolutely fabulous - thank you for deciding to write! Clearly it was the best decision for you and for all of us readers! ;)
5/29/2014 c35 Sinnerforvengenz
Its thee end wow! I think it ended great coz we kinda get to finish it but I'm gonna miss Tommy aaahhh
5/29/2014 c35 pctronics
Great story overall. Bit of an abrupt ending, but does its job. Thank you for a great read.
5/29/2014 c35 3TheOddManOut
I vote for a sequel :) It was brilliant!
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