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for Letters from our Honeymoon in Brighton

3/19/2016 c4 9hauntedophelia
I love this! Everyone is so in character. Cecily buying her own ring OMG so good 3
10/10/2015 c3 17ScarlettRose390
This was really well put together. It has all of the character's voices and has good lines (I liked "So well, in fact, it's inevitable that a tragedy should befall us."). It's also interesting to see who each character chooses to write to and some of the issues bubbling in the romantic relationships. Sort of wish it could expand on that but it's good how it is. Good read. :)
11/12/2014 c4 LampTroll
I can just imagine her saying it!
11/12/2014 c3 LampTroll
Better and better!
11/12/2014 c2 LampTroll
Haha, Again very good writing skills!
11/12/2014 c1 LampTroll
Pfft! Great Idea, I never would have thought of him writing to Bunbury! You kept Algernon's character very well!
2/25/2014 c4 Guest
This is absolutely fantastic. The characters and the language are so spot-on that it's practically like reading the play. I don't review very often (hardly ever), but this was just so exceptional that I had to commend you. (Although it must be awkward to go on a honeymoon with your brother, his wife who is your cousin, and your wife who is your brother's ward). Do you think Jack would continue to go by that name and not Ernest? I think Gwendolen might be the only one who ends up calling him that.

P.S. Although all of it was hilarious, for some reason I laughed out loud at when Gwendolen commented on how touchy her father is about communication. I don't know why.

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