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4/28 c6 sharanpkxcoordinate
KEEP WRITING MORE CHAPTERS. But good story, could you include Gwuncan relationship reunion in the upcoming chapters.
4/3 c6 Guest
Keep Writing more!
2/22 c6 3sbktd
Well I was sad to know that you were discontinuing this fic but I understand that you have your own reasons for it.
I wanted to review long time back but couldn't. This was a very well written story. Different circumstances were portrayed expertly and character development was on point. Well done :D
11/20/2020 c6 Jackhearts
I know its discontinued which is sad to know, but I just have to review this cuz you've done a magnificent job writing this fic. Well done
7/12/2020 c6 205gman5846
Well.. I really wished you continued this story..
But I already knew it would be discontinued after that. I really enjoyed that story.
And It sucks to see that It's now discontinued.. :(
But good job on the story though!
11/27/2019 c6 ss
BRO this is amazing! Cud u continue this for more chapters please. I know its been a long time but C'mon..
7/16/2018 c6 Melral CT-3718
Wow you had to leave this on a cliffhanger
7/30/2017 c6 pokopon
hi ok so like first off i got rly emo over this esp that duncney reunion/closure. let me jus say this is some of the best duncan redemption ever,,,,also thanK U for not making courtney vengeful and bitchy. like fresh tv has ruined her character a lot even more so than duncney imo. while im admittedly attached to duncney bc of s1 (they were the reason i watched tdi as a kid tbh and got back into the franchise recently) i know that its p much too late for some in canon well written duncney forgiveness/redemption arc where they get back together and manage to have that healthy happy relationship they had earlier. i hav similar feelings abt gwent too lmao.

anyway i dont know if u have the rest of the story planned or have chosen to abandon this altogether (last update is 2015. im sending this in 2017. embarrassing) but im hoping for a nice platonic reunion between gwen and duncan ? if im gonna be completely honest i feel like their relationship was rly diff from duncney because i think that duncan needed some sort of temporary break from courtney ? like i think he spontaneously decided to hook up with gwen in order to escape the toxic and controlling (not to mention borderline emotionally abusive) relationship he had with courtney. and of course what he did was super wrong (rly mad that not many people seem to condemn him more than they do with gwen and courtney who were also wrong in diff ways but like duncan was rly shitty) but im trying to make sense of his actions. like what i guess im tryna say is that gwuncan was wayyy less serious in comparison to duncney (i mean i think the latter was clearly the utilization of the "first crazy in love experience" trope) and so i think gwen and duncan should also be able to just be friendly almost immediately ? idk if that makes sense.

anyway this to me all feels the most real and intended for canon tbh but i could be wrong lmao...but since fresh tv is full of fucking clowns i doubt they could ever give us quality writing so duncney is like dead. anyway i hav a lot of feelings abt this rn so sry for this rant but im hoping ull see this and finish this story (or at the v least allow it to continue) just bc there are very few td fics that focus on the ships/characters i care about deeply and also feature excellent characterization (honestly u are one of like two ppl who actually know how to write duncan esp his softer side. like wow props to u bud)

thank u for writing this tho u hav srsly left me Blessed
12/3/2016 c6 Guest
I just started reading this fan fiction and I can say that you got me hooked, but please update soon, I can see this story has potential and you shouldn't stop writing it any time soon
10/20/2015 c6 8DeliriousDisposition
Awe my Duncney feels are like :'))) I didn't want them to get back together, and it's obvious it wouldn't have lasted if they did because of Zuncan and everything, so how you wrapped that up was great. Courtney getting her own resolution was just aw c: but Courtney crying is also aw :c

Why does Duncan own a tie like that ew

So you're bringing Gwen into the picture... Maybe she'll be the bitchy one considering Courtney was so emotional o:? I don't know how Gwen's gonna act but I'm sure you'll make it IC!

Wonder what's going to happen next? I'm enjoying this story a lot and I'm sorry I didn't notice you'd updated it until recently xD! Also, I should say that my laptop charger broke and I was delaying reviewing this until I got a new one, but I gave in and just decided to review on my phone xD.

I love how Zoey gets red in the face around Duncan, what a qt she is :3

Bring on dat next update!
9/14/2015 c6 10LittleMissyGalPal
Ooh, the date... It's nice to see that things went well-ish, and it's also good that Duncan and Courtney have decided to remain friends. Speaking of Duncan's previous attire, I feel like the RR fashion bloggers, as well as myself, would burn that hideous tie in an instant. OMG.

I was expecting the mini-Courtney-feelings-plot thing to go on for a few more chapters, but this is fine with Gwen along the way. So, it looks like some Gwuncan scenes may come up... I'm really picky with Gwuncan, sooooo... YOU NEED TO DO THIS RIGHT! These are my bbys you're going to write about, so you've brought up some high expectations from me.

On another note, I hope to see Mike in future chapters. Overall, good chapter!
9/13/2015 c6 31JShark419
Ooh another excellent chapter. Nice to see Dunceny on their date, I think that's what it was.

Sad to see they wont be back together but totally see why though. And now Gwen. O_o.

Hmm? I highly look forward to the next chapter.
9/10/2015 c6 16Knifez
Hmm...not sure I was too big a fan of this chapter, to be honest.

Courtney seemed pretty OOC, like she designed the date around Duncan. The casual attire, the horror movie that she absolutely hated. Then she confessed her feelings, ran off sobbing, then came back all happy.

Duncan was pretty great this chapter, his teasing of Zoey and hi embarrassment at Lana's comments were awesome. I don't really know why he was surprised when Courtney revealed her feelings, considering they were on a date.

The ending seemed pretty rushed. With Zoey's apparent growing infatuation of Duncan, you'd think she'd wanna know right off how things went with Courtney.

All in all still a good chapter, but I find myself wishing you had limited the number of Total Drama contestants in this story to just Zoey and Duncan.
9/7/2015 c6 37Applauze
Yay! You updated is after almost an eternity and I'm glad since I really enjoy this story. Still think you should make a sequel to this called "Found" but that's just me. :P

It seems like that Zoey is a bit jelly of Courtney. Maybe you haven't revealed her feelings or emotions yet, so there could be a million and one things as to why Zoey faked that smile or did it show that she really liked Duncan?

So nice of Zoey's mum to help Duncan out and the irony when Duncan was the one who overdone it this time. That was actually a unique plot twist. I would have liked for Duncan to see that romantic comedy and he actually enjoyed liking that. That would have been different.

Really happy that you didn't turn Courtney into a psycho nut who hated Duncan. She was calm and cool so that's good. Oh no, Gwen is coming next. Don't know if I should be happy or worried.

That was awesome Greenie! I'm excited for the next chapter. Hope you update soon!

8/29/2015 c6 14Hugh Takinamee
Okay, date night! I was really happy to see Duncan and Courtney be together again. Spending their time together on a classic dinner and movie until...
Duncan dropped the bombshell. HE WANTS TO MOVE ON? DUDE! DUCNEY! WHAT THE HELL?

I'm glad that Courtney understands, though. Anyways, I think I liked it...

That is, then Zoey mentioned that Gwen will be tagging along. WHOA! TWO EXES IN ONE WEEKED? WHAT KIND OF MADNESS IS THIS?!

Great chapter! Oh man, you have NO idea how much I was squealing when I read the part where they were going out and all, until Duncan told her the truth... Damn.

Much more so when Gwen was tagging along with Duncan and Zoey.
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