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5/3 c7 Fallow57
3/20 c7 7MollyMuffinHead
Thanks for the story. Sev and Harry were too OOC for my taste, but that's just me. Glad those idiots hot what they deserved in the end. Wish we had polyjuice so I could try that.
3/8 c5 1amsev
Love this story. Thanks for writing!
1/13 c7 Grania
I kind of liked the story, but the execution of it was really very poor. Each chapter was basically just you explaining everything to the reader, and much of it was very repetitive. I mean, you explained about the parchment at least three times. That isn't necessary. It came across as you being very anxious, like you didn't trust the reader to make connections, so you over-explained everything ad nauseum to make sure the reader would understand. Towards the end, it got boring and I almost didn't finish reading.

This was a good effort, but getting a very good beta reader to read your stuff and help you make corrections before you post here will help the quality go way up.
1/11 c7 Anonymous
Humorous and over all great. Those plans of revenge are absolute genius, worthy of Salazar himself.
1/7 c7 WeisseHex
Loved your story! Sevvie was awesome!
1/7 c2 WeisseHex
Oh it seems in your story, bonding is Not considered married? So after Harry graduates they'll get married in an official ceremony?
1/7 c1 WeisseHex
It's so sad to me that Hermione, Ron and Ginny, after all that Harry suffered they would do this to him. But, I do not think that Ginny EVER suited him, they don't fit. She always seemed kind of a slimy, sleazy BITCH! In my opinion!
12/28/2020 c7 pandalove19
Kyaaaa I’m fangirling! Love this! Thanks for the awesome work!
10/26/2020 c7 sjrodgers23
Loved it so much. Thank you
9/23/2020 c7 Millie072
Did Harry get oblivated? With the memories of how Severus treated him in class & the mind rapes it simply doesn't seem likely they'd end up together. Still a very good story. Harry's revenge on the three was perfect, Molly's brilliant. Love the idea of a farewell gauntlet. Thanks
9/23/2020 c1 Millie072
It's believable Hermione would like to have Harry's money, but to plot with Ron? She's aware of his temper and inability to shut up when it's necessary. But then Hermione & Ron were never a reasonable pairing. If Hermione were involved it's more likely she'd scheme on her own, remember, she knows best and is always right. But this is fanfiction so anything goes.
8/13/2019 c3 Guest
Hooooley monograph, Batman! Break that shit up, mkay? Geeze!

Ew - Harry has long hair in this one? Eh, ew. I like Severus' plan and how he petrified Harry to keep him from Gryffindor'ing off to extract a little murder.
8/13/2019 c2 Guest
Ahhh, now we know... Ugh, terrible people! I can't wait to see his revenge!

*Past, not passed

"You're mum and Ginny is determined..." Are you TRYING to come off as a barely literate 9 year old? If so, job well done.

Um..."head jobs" are the same thing as "blow jobs", hun. Are you old enough to be writing M-rated fanfic?
8/13/2019 c1 Guest
Hoooley run-on sentences, Batman!

Ok, so far I'm not seeing any reason for Harry to be all VengefulAss to, well, anyone, but then again, this is just the first chapter. I can't see Hermione just up and dissing Harry, not unless Ron's got potions running out her ears, but we'll see.
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