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for As Long As We're Together

1/9 c29 1reisova
I didn't expect less from you, marvelous job. Thank you
11/9/2021 c27 Guest
and now for the twist that lady whitehead"s also best buddies with hitler and convinced him to take over austria just to ruin things for georg and maria
6/28/2021 c30 141rebecca-in-blue
I really like the opening scene of Maria watching "him" sleep and the twist when you reveal it's their new son, not Georg. (I totally fell for it :)) The reveal that Leisl's new suitor is planning to propose to her was a fun surprise too, and it was great to see the Georg and Maria at that this happier new stage of their life together. Re: your author's note, I think two years is actually a pretty impressive time for a story of this length! Brava to you for sticking it out and seeing it through to the end!
6/21/2021 c25 rebecca-in-blue
I usually like incorporations of the actual movie lines in fanfics, and I think you've done several of them well in this story. But this chapter and the previous one feel too much like an almost outright repeat of canon events, except that where Baroness Schraeder was subtle and sympathetic in how she tried to break up Georg and Maria, Lady Whitehead and Camilla are kinda over-the-top here. Lady Whitehead is actually drugging Maria with a white powder that she keeps hidden in her ring - doesn't that seem like a bit much?
6/14/2021 c21 rebecca-in-blue
What a fun chapter this was. I was starting to find the subplot with Camilla, and Georg and Maria's angsty arguing a bit tedious, and I think this chapter was just what the story needed. I loved seeing Georg spend some time with the kids, and they have such good advice on what kind of gift he should get Maria. The interaction between them all is a lot of fun, especially how you reused the "meant to be a secret" line. I can't wait to see what becomes of Leisl and her new crush!
6/7/2021 c18 rebecca-in-blue
I really enjoyed this chapter. It's such a hoot to see these two angry and arguing, instead of staring into each other's eyes. I also like that you have them talk about the fact that they were both giving off signals to each other during the movie and only a blind man wouldn't have seen them. Maria gets rather annoying in how she tries to act all innocent there. But wow, did my jaw drop when he called her Agathe by mistake - right up there with Ross saying the wrong name at the altar!
6/1/2021 c16 rebecca-in-blue
Geez, Georg and Maria are really swimming in angst here, and we've seen so little of the children in this story lately, both of which are kinda disappointing to me. The earlier chapters had so much drama and adventure in them, and the family was all together. But I do look forward to hearing the kids perform for their grandparents!
5/24/2021 c15 rebecca-in-blue
So glad to see that no serious consequences of helping the von Trapps escape have befallen Max in this story. Though I do think the Nazis would be monitoring both him and the abbey more closely than they seem to be. Seems pretty obvious to me that Georg wouldn't want to make love to Maria in the exact same room where he'd been with Agathe, but maybe something else is up with him.
5/17/2021 c14 rebecca-in-blue
Man, I'm hoping Lady Whitehead will warm up towards Maria in time. It's hard to picture Maria in a glamorous red gown, but I love that she made her own alterations to it so Georg wouldn't be so reminded of Agathe. Being in their old suite with Maria must have been so overwhelming for him. I do find it a little hard to believe, though, that a woman in Maria's situation would want pregnancy and a new baby on top of everything else that she's dealing with.
5/17/2021 c13 rebecca-in-blue
I loved the scene of Georg and Maria on the boat deck as it crosses the channel. It's touching how much Georg enjoys being on the water again, and that moment where they watch Europe disappear together is so poignant. What a frosty reception from the in-laws, although I did lol pretty hard at how their butler makes Franz look "pleasant" in comparison!
5/10/2021 c12 rebecca-in-blue
Quite a bit of traveling and things happening in this chapter. I almost feel like it's a little too much, and like it might've worked better split into chapters. It all feels kinda rushed with Marta being sick, them resting at the hotel, Georg's meeting at the embassy, etc. It was interesting to find out that their escape from Austria was such big news, and I'm curious to see how the trip to England goes.
5/10/2021 c10 rebecca-in-blue
Well, I'm not sure how I skipped over this chapter earlier, but now I feel a bit guilty for chiding Maria and Georg in my last review. I'm so glad I read this one and saw how they didn't jump into bed right away, and I really like how Maria wasn't even into it at first. The way they talk through what's happened and their feelings is so powerful and really shows how committed they are to each other and the kids. Wonderful work.
5/3/2021 c11 rebecca-in-blue
Wow, I like how you're throwing such a variety of obstacles in the family's way. I feel so embarrassed to almost walk in on Georg/Maria, and I had to roll my eyes a little at how those two are still acting a bit too much like horny teenagers given their situation. That Liesl only went to them after trying to get the fever down herself makes her seem like more an adult. Can't wait to see what happens next!
5/3/2021 c9 rebecca-in-blue
I was so on the edge of my seat for a lot of this chapter, first waiting to see whether Georg would go back to help Hans, and then once he did, waiting to see when he would get back and what kind of condition he would be in. It was good that Maria and the kids all got some downtime to rest.
4/26/2021 c8 rebecca-in-blue
Ooh, what an intense, exciting, action-packed chapter. The family certainly is lucky that Hans was there watching out for them. I love that Friedrich got in on the fighting, too, and I'd love to see Maria do that at some point (I know it's not her nature, but I think she should get to throw a punch or something, for once).
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