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4/12/2020 c4 3Nik1627
Awe! This chapter is so heart-warming!
4/11/2018 c15 4Aotrs Commander
Having only just watched the Yota episodes in question last night (I am THAT far behind...), I must say I'm surprised that this appears to be more or less the only story based on them I could find (and I found this with a google search).

Nicely done.
1/2/2018 c1 5Aali5
I always thought about Yota and what would have happened if their memories of him were not erased! Thanks for making a fic about it!
12/4/2017 c9 Guest
It's kinda funny for someone other then a Naruto to call the third old. Of course they don't know he's talking about the third but still. Anyway love the story when are you going to update and is their going to be a time skip in any upcoming chapters?
8/13/2017 c15 2usagi-no-usotsuki
Good story, I hope you continue it someday :)
8/9/2016 c15 4lizyeh2000
Love your story now following! . Please update soon!
4/26/2016 c15 Reaper1173
hope you continue this story!
4/26/2016 c14 Reaper1173
A bad horror story but a beautiful drama and family story!
5/1/2015 c15 4Serlenia
It's been a while since you updated but I'm still going to follow this story :).
After I watched the episode with Yota I really hoped to find a story like this! So thank you :), even if you don't get the inspiration to update this it's still more than I would've gotten if you wouldn't have written this story.
But I do love this story and I thought the ghost story was cool for something you had to make up :).
11/27/2014 c15 16Aburg76
man those feels I actually cried while reading this
8/7/2014 c15 rainwolf042
Yaaaaayyyyyy! Can u do one chapter that focal on Sakura by any chance? Ehhehheh
7/2/2014 c15 4Turmanarmo
Another fun chapter, I wonder who it was at the door, probably one of Orochimaru's minions such as Kabuto. Anywho, I look forward to when your next chapter comes out, whenever that ends up being.
7/1/2014 c15 24thedarkpokemaster
lol this was a funny chapter with all the eight year old getting scared like they did made me laugh so hard, and its alright after all sometimes a story take a while for it to get the way that you want it to be.
6/20/2014 c15 3Plasma57
Great story, please update soon.
6/20/2014 c13 Arashi Uzukaze
I just reilized the rating this chapter. It'd have been better for at least a T rating, that way it could be made like the actual show, and allow darker elements, like mood and stuff.
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