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for Samuel Potter and the Ghost of Merlin

4/20/2003 c22 aims80 just too lazy to sign in today
I just thought I would mention that I am aware of the true story of Merlin, but for my story it suited my purpose for their to be something different to that.
12/12/2002 c1 10AmeliaHawkins
Explendid! This fanfic is outstanding! I looove it! By the way, thanks for reviewing one of my fics, it's such great honor to get a review from such a talented writer like you :)
11/8/2002 c15 CRL01
So far very good. One small mistake in chapter 15 alforth was put in Griffindor first you say he wasn't and thats why he has the bruise. I think you ment to say Slytherin (sp). Great story i want more.
11/6/2002 c1 5Robbin McGroin
Great start! Thanks for reviewing my HP fic.
11/1/2002 c11 yussuf
Your story is great: up to the original. I´m really waiting for the next chapters so please submit soon !


P.S. Why no bio?

You ever thought about publishing? (You know, the oldfashioned way: on paper - in a book)
10/24/2002 c9 Tiger Girl
And the plot thickens! Now Alforth is in Slytherin! But why did the hat change it's mind? *grin* Guess I'll have to wait and find out!
10/23/2002 c8 RoxyAngel


~Hailie Jade Potter
10/23/2002 c8 Tiger Girl
Good Chapter! Snape teaching flying...owww! Looking forward to chapter 9!
10/22/2002 c7 Tiger Girl
I think I'm beginning to see bits of a plot...! Who is Merlin? And what about the mistake years ago upset professor Sprout so very much? Keep this going!
10/22/2002 c6 Tiger Girl
Good chapters! Update soon!
10/18/2002 c4 3Tiger Girl1
Hey! Great Chapter 4! I like the tension between Jenny and Sam. Martin seems cool. I also like what you've done with Professor - Um, I mean Headmistress - McGonagall. And the new potions master! Can't wait to meet Snape, after all I'm sure he's been through in the war with Voldemort. Is he nicer, or did the strain make him even worse? Keep up the great work!
10/15/2002 c3 Tiger Girl1
Hey, wow! You took my idea! And it worked well, too! Keeps it from being different crom the Harry Potter books. I guess that's my only real critique. So far it seems that thi same things are happening in pretty much the same order as in the HP books. Maybe everything should go a bit differently? Hmmm... Especially think how McGonagall would have changed over the years - has she mellowed at all? And since she'd headmistress, how would that make Hogwarts different from when Dumbledore was headmaster? Stricter, maybe, more order, but also what did she learn from Dumbledore's style of leadership? I'm glad you kept her - I always thought she'd make a good headmistress. Your characters are very real and alive, and well developed. Again, I guess my only thought there would be to try to make them different from their parents. Like in Jenny's case. She's smart like Hermione, but in what ways does she relemble Ron? Or maybe she takes after Mrs. Wasley somehow... Just thoughts... This story is really fun! Please keep writing!
10/11/2002 c1 34aims80
I actually quite like the idea of Alforth ending up in Griffyindoor. I might use it! Thanks for the idea!

Luv Aims :)
10/9/2002 c1 evq
Sounds great.
10/9/2002 c1 3Tiger Girl1
Hey, I like this one! Keep it going, please, please! I think it'd be faboo if Sam and Jenny became fast friends with Alforth Malfoy! Maybe ALL THREE should be in Gryffindor! Wouldn't that put Draco out! (Look at me, telling you how to plot your story!) KEEP WRITING THIS!

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