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for The Girl He Loves

2/12/2015 c1 Guest
Hated it, Ferbella is very bad. Phinabella all the way.
6/2/2014 c1 22Magical Blazze
Oh yeah! Ferb is quite sneaky in this one and love it for that! Man now this is a good story in love lost then comfort great job!
4/14/2014 c1 4Lilly-Belle
I love Ferbella! I'd love for you to continue this! It is very well-written!
2/16/2014 c1 Em
This is good, and I'm glad you didn't make it a multi-chapter. To push this might break it and I have seen so many great stories wrecked by doing that. I love the way you write Ferb, I can totally picture him saying that.
1/27/2014 c1 15HigherSilver
Lots of small grammar problems in this: a missing period here, an extra capitalized word there, and misused synonyms around. That being said, it was sweet. A little lacking in substance, in addition to the grammar and constant POV shifts, but still sweet. I think you could just read it over again and alter it up a little.

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