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for Tainted with Crimson

4/5/2016 c20 2Drake Azure Saber
Yes! Skillet and Nine Lashes I love it!
3/7/2015 c26 sassygirl
Hoooray!Yumi is alive, I thought she's dead and perhaps the author also think that it is not nice to end a story like that. At the start of the story i thought she's dead, it was very confusing at first but as the story goes on I thought its kinda ok to start like that. I hope the author put some detail about the last part of chapter 25 regarding yumi coughing to death couz it kinda blured but over all i'm happy at the outcome of the ending.

Regarding the song i'm not disappointed I just hope that its nice to hear the song with proper accompaniment. Thank you for taking time in answer my unselfish wish and hope to read some of your story. Keep up the good work...
3/3/2015 c26 nytestorms
I have to say, I thoroughly the story. I'm beginning to like A/U stories more as I read them. When I read chapter 25, I have to admit my jaw dropped to the ground. Even if chapter 26 is a feel-good chapter, I still liked the way you rapped things up. There's definite closure here. I enjoyed the entire story. Thanks for sharing it. :)
12/30/2014 c25 sassygirl
Gosh! Is this for real? It ends like that oh come on where's the epilogue?

I just want to say a wonderful story but it feels like its not the end of it..

I like the three songs that you were said is your original, I would like to ask
if I can have a copy of the song with accompaniment of course I want to hear how it goes with the said instrument.

Thank you in advance...

Hope to read more of your story I really enjoyed this one. :-)
10/12/2014 c1 6RenMan77
I loved this story, right up to the last chapter. Then ppfftt!
It just seemed...haphazardly thrown together for the sole purpose of ending the story quickly. (Not that I am any literary critic. Good, bad, or otherwise.)
Maybe that is just the impression only I am left with.
Having said that, I love your other stories. Keep it up! -RenMan77
9/13/2014 c25 orangesora
Please continue the story! Is Yumi dying? :(
8/25/2014 c25 Guest
What happend to Yumi ? And who is the one who found her
8/24/2014 c25 ellie han desu
heck... what just happened? seriously?...
8/23/2014 c25 Guest
8/24/2014 c25 fyrwarrior
Please tell me it's not really the end! I hope we get another chapter!
7/5/2014 c24 Guest
esperar me deixa maluca mas eu espero.
7/4/2014 c24 2serenityskywalker
yes yumi takes the offer and finds someone new and better than Sachiko and Sachiko will live to regret it when they meet years later right? please update new chapters
7/4/2014 c24 Dusia
Why? What will happen? Need next chapter! Curious what they mean.
7/1/2014 c23 Dusia
Like always ends in the best part ;)
Can't wait for next one!
6/27/2014 c12 1kamonwan9952
wow im on my 13rd chapter and just WOW
and between these 1-13chap i've been crying and laughing and cried again and squeled like some cray girl haha like daum! urhg jst love them.
Omg, tho happy that sophia and yumi is fine w/ each other, like i got soo scared when she said she too liked shachiko like uuuhh drama 'comin! XD
but yh happy the two of them now are bit closer and that they got sum stuff of their shoulders like totally know the feel. :D
Lmfao at the end, I couldn't keep it in and laughed out loud at 4am in das mornin lols idk it was so fun, buuut so looking forwards to read more.
just wanted to review a bit here and there and wanting u to know the story is amazing and hope u wont give it up yeaa!
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