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for The Half-Blood Pokemorph

6/5/2022 c1 Guest
Great story, but why, why would you have him go like that? Please don't let this be the end.
4/28/2020 c34 Anonymous
Ah, my heart, it hurts, I didn't expect that ending
7/6/2018 c34 Cloud Winchester
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell me we are going to get a sequel to this because holy shit this does not feel like it is over in the slightest

Also, the words on Izaak's headstone... is that meant to reference Welcome To The Black Parade?

"And though you're dead and gone, believe me
Your memory will carry on"
6/28/2018 c2 R3verseF1re
some Grammer errors but, It is a great story so far
12/29/2017 c34 4DarkHumor131
I'm sad to see this story go, as it was the inspiration of my own, in fact, if it wasn't because of me finding your writing, I never would have been comfortable enough with my own problems to write anything. I loved this fic, even though I arrived just before the final two chapters, everything about it made me jealous. You have truly written a masterpiece, and I hope to see more like it in the future, please continue all of your writing endeavors. Sad to see this work of art end, but even the best fade eventually.
11/10/2017 c34 Donevin
spartadu29 i think the reason he died the second time was that voice in his head finally found a way to directly harm him
11/6/2017 c34 spartadu29
I never leave comments or reviews or anything but...

I loved that story but... I don't understand that last chapter...

How? Why?

I feel broken... and I also feel like if that ending doesn't belong to that story...
The last chapter he was alive beside Azura and got a second chance by Arceus... and the next one he's dead whitout explanation as to why and Azura is left alone and not even pregnant so she won't even be a mother and is basically a widow now... and I hate to believe that.

I hoped for a better ending than... that one.

And I think that most of the other readers will feel like that too... and I have a thin feeling of hope that it can be fixed somehow.

*I'm French* so sorry if my grammar sucks...

I don't know if you'll see my comment or will accept my opinion but anyway, great story and maybe my hope will comme true.

Any reply is welcome ! :)

11/1/2017 c34 2rebelrabbit
Well...I was right.

Way, *way* back in 2015, back when the 'paradigm shift' happened, I was heartbroken. I had loved these characters. I enjoyed the writing, the story, all of it. It warmed my cold, jaded heart that these characters, these PEOPLE, could have such happy lives despite what had happened. The Christmas chapter in particular was just wonderful. But all the stuff that happened, all the things that tried to tear everyone apart...

I skipped ahead to this final chapter on a whim. I didn't care about any spoilers, the story ended so many chapters ago already. And what you did to Izaak, it solidified my decision. I couldn't bare to see it all happen. But what really, truly stings it what you had said in chapter 20. You said it wouldn't be what we think. But it was *exactly* how it happened. Sure, what transpired in the meantime might've been different, but I have no intention of reading that. What matters is the end. An ending that, in all honesty, leaves me bitter and hurt. I didn't want it to happen, I prayed it wouldn't, but it happened regardless. It hurt. It well and truly hurt. And if the others will only have more of the same pain of loss and betrayal, then I couldn't bring myself to read. I want to enjoy your stories, they will always hold a special place in my heart, but the big softie I am couldn't handle it.

I can't bare the pain.

I don't know if you'll reply to this, or even see it, but here it is. You can see my previous review in Page 6, fourth from the bottom. This may be the final review I post, though I hope it is not.

8/28/2017 c34 Foxy
So arcunus save him but then he still dies? I wanted a happy ending and some izau kits and happy ever after not a confusing death. what is this *slams phone into wall* shit not another one, please don't leave me hanging not like this I'm so grumpy right now!
8/24/2017 c34 ContriteNut
what? when did he die? I waited for ages for this and you just killed him, the previous chapter even made a pretty big deal about how he was pretty much fine after falling, and then this chapter he is now miraculously dead.
please tell me that's not it, did you just give up, I'm sorry if I sound like I'm being rude it's just this seems to happen a lot to me at least 4 other whose fics I read never properly finished there fics, well 3, one got in an accident and lost his memory of something.
8/24/2017 c34 1chrisj32347
Update this.
8/23/2017 c34 4Lunar Knight Archangel
Not expecting that.

I was expecting this chapter to be all about how wrong Izaak was to do something like what he did by pretty much his entire family, then the next couple chapters or so to be where he leads them valiantly into combat to kill his past demons, or something like that.

This just kinda feels like you read through the story, and decided that instead of redoing some things and taking out a couple others, you just pushed for an ending to the story that left most of us readers unsatisfied.

Honestly, I think it's a great story. It's just my opinion that it deserves a better ending than this in order to make it even better. But that's just me talking from a slightly bias point of view.

Until next time, Ciao!
8/23/2017 c34 Platinum9732
Hmmm, I wonder how this will link up with the other plot lines... Great chapter, I assume it's the end. What a ride it's been. I hope to see more of your stuff in the future
8/12/2017 c33 DEWEY21DAN
Can't wait for next chapter
8/9/2017 c33 9Ender NightBlade
Oooh! Another cliffhanger! Good job! And good luck to you.
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