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10/10/2015 c3 Donberry
Update or I'll throat punch you please don't let this story be abandoned
4/15/2015 c3 uzuuchi007
Nice !
3/5/2015 c3 KTlovesmoney
I Give This Prologue A 78/100
3/5/2015 c2 KTlovesmoney
I Give This Prologue A 87/100
3/5/2015 c1 KTlovesmoney
I Give This Prologue A 75/100
3/7/2014 c3 9DraacoClaye
Some grammar errors, but still good none the less. I take it this is going to be a huge harem with Naruto?
2/26/2014 c3 mattcun
plz write more
2/12/2014 c3 92BloodyDemon666
That was pretty good,can't wait for the next chapter there. Hopefully you can continue so when you do update keep me in the loop so I can find out. I'll review when the next chapter comes out. Hope to write to ya soon.
2/11/2014 c2 2LilTeddyUrsa
Tenten give me tenten
2/9/2014 c3 snake1980
short chapter but still good. for a aunt u need with red hair how about mei and she could be kushina sister and say could be the mother to Karin? but was wondering what about temari being related to them like ino is? have to wait and see. still nice job looking forward to the next chapter
2/9/2014 c2 snake1980
great job on chapter 2. I cant wait to see what happens in the next chapter and how u will bring in kushina into the mix. and for the tenten deal I say yes to that. keep up the great work
2/9/2014 c3 Arai kaji
Pauvre, pauvre, Hinata.
2/9/2014 c3 kunt-destroyer420
Yeah ummmmm I think I will pass since you have a very low I.Q.
2/9/2014 c2 kunt-destroyer420
Dude you REALY need to work on your english. You have quite a few sentences that make absolutely no sense whatsoever and god does it hurt when I read something only to see incomplete sentences and a switch up in pov with no notice. You go from narrating the story to going into Naruto's pov without the slightest hint of a change.
2/9/2014 c1 92BloodyDemon666
Dude, this an awesome story. As I have just started reading it, I happen to be just as Otaku as Naruto, and I think this fanfic is really good. I only ask that if you update again...could you please let me know? Keep up the good work.
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