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for Fairy Tail Blood and Steel

3/28/2014 c1 1CosmicBeing
I sincerely hope they completely destroy Konoha to ashes and Danzo is ripped apart flesh piece by flesh piece and stomped into the ground for their crimes.
1/29/2014 c1 David
This was a crazy good chapter
1/31/2014 c1 idea.getthe
Please change naru name or let it as naru... Pyrrah sound weird. I like how you implimenting RWBY as the theme but please... The naming of naru is the only thing I hate in this whole story, otherwise, it's purfect...
One question though. Is naru sword style follow raiden style or Sam style ? Since muramasa is actually build for QuickDraw.
1/30/2014 c1 10ultima-owner
cool story ideas
1/30/2014 c1 1ddcj1990
Awesome first chapter I really like it I'm so looking foward to reading more
1/30/2014 c1 7windfox90
Sweet great start to the story it was good
1/29/2014 c1 3Reishin Amara
I'm curious who white is...

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