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for Ultimate Fairy: Volume I

5/17 c1 1CNwamadu
Oh, men, Ben can not lose to someone as weak as Brain when he can stomp the freaking Fairy Tail verse single-handedly. Even without using the cheat code that's Alien X
5/16 c49 StrongGuy159
Awesome chapter Pt 8 continue please.
5/16 c49 ArashiNokitsune
so... he managed to knock out Ben... Eh we all know he's fought tougher, was likely caught off guard... fairly sure that the Omnitrix safe guards should have gone off so I suspect something is happening to either Ben or the Omnitrix and I really hope what happens next is Ben going powerhouse on the guy and I already have several guesses as to what might happen next with Ben but I'll just keep that in reserve to my own thoughts
5/16 c49 3RonaldM40196867
Zero is pretty determined.

Diamondhead is a badass.

Ben should use magic more often.

Happy May!
5/10 c7 Guest
Ey so listen. Ben bottles up a lot of things, he is constantly addressing things are his fault when he opens up and barely does so because he's a hero and feels responsible of everything.

Making his process this as fast is completely unrealistic, he should not want to join them at all. He should want to go back with his family, he still has duties there even if it's relatively peaceful now.

Heck, he even knows his future self has to go through at least two more world wars with vilgax, become a president and do dimensional traveling to help his younger self.

As much as Ben could enjoy the groups presence, he'd really not put that world before his own at all. His reasons to want to go wou be because he misses everyone, not because they'd miss him
5/10 c3 Guest
I really hope Ben someday explains exactly who he is and what he has done.

He saved the universe uncountable times. Recreated it with alien x (assuming its the same but different characters this two-three years), won several wars, defeated a damn God and cleared the remanents with ascalon. He is a hero.
5/10 c2 Guest
I'd say Ben should be a little more shaken than that even if it's represented internally.
3/27 c44 Mikael Carlo L. Tia
To be honest I hated Wendy for her bringing Jellal back to life as for me she is branded as a traitor.
3/25 c48 Chickenhell
i hope ben will return to his original universe and not stay in fairy tail universe because ben has his responsibilities in his universe
3/25 c31 Mikael Carlo L. Tia
It's Psyphon, not Pysphon!
3/24 c2 VincentFS
The original author of chapter two clearly just wanted to show off as many of Ben’s aliens as he could here. Rath could’ve easily taken out Natsu.

Even if the flames became too much they could’ve simply had him use Diamondhead. Durability, crystal manipulation, regeneration, physical prowess, there’s just so many ways they could’ve handled this. They just chose to show off as much as they could instead.

Very immature writing. It’s something I’d think of as a kid when wanting certain characters in other shows. There’s also making everyone 'gasp in awe’ every five seconds. The overreactions to every single thing don’t help.

I can only hope that when it gets to your original chapters the story won’t read so ridiculously. Good luck, the original author didn’t leave you with much in the way to work with.

What a mess.
3/24 c28 Mikael Carlo L. Tia
I hope Albedo will be in the story as a manifestation.
3/24 c26 Mikael Carlo L. Tia
Iron Man Reference
3/21 c13 Mikael Carlo L. Tia
You better make sure Ben does.
3/16 c48 Guest
Do you already have the next chapters in production?
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