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2h c46 magic.hunter1
Great chapter i hope you update soon
Wish you well
5/15 c46 Brayden
good chapter can’t wait for the next update hope it’s soon
8h c46 6super sayiman
great chapter.
5/16 c5 9sd74
Kinda thought of destroying the ritual...
5/14 c46 Guest
Can you make Ben become an anodite and use magic like ultimate ben in future
5/14 c46 Guest
I hope Ben can return home to his friends Gwen, Kevin and more at the end of this fanfic and paradox and rook would come and rescue him.
5/16 c4 sd74
Wonder if Ben could scan the Ice.
5/16 c46 ArashiNokitsune
well things just took a bad turn... I kind of wonder if ben will learn some magic or learn some form of mana manipulation considering that he is in a World of Magic the fact that one character is some what suspicious of Ben's abilities and past it's only a matter of time others would to, unless Ben can find another way to blend in or cover his abilities sooner or later the truth about himself will be revealed...
5/14 c46 Guest
Welp, that’s not good. Like really, really, really not good. I wish Ben luck. Trying to use Natsu’s motion sickness against him won’t work here.
5/13 c46 that one guest
amazing chapter! but try to update sooner and by next month. i can't get enough of this beautiful piece of fanfiction.
5/13 c46 PikaPower99

Excellent chapter ! The wait was well worth it.

Regarding the characters, will Ben and Jellal ever be able to become friends ? Somehow, while reading the story I couldn't help but keep thinking of them with a strong friendship given his past with Kevin ...
5/13 c46 Guest
what is the damn problem of fairy tail characters running alone to face the main villain instead of going with their friends? I bet Erza is kidnapped or left half dead
5/13 c46 SulliMike23
Uh oh…Natsu’s fallen under Nirvana’s effects! That’s not good at all!
5/12 c45 Brayden
Really like this story. Hope the next update is soon.
5/14 c46 3ReaderWarrior
Chapter 46!

Love that Jellal is still retaining feelings/memories of his time in the Tower of Heaven. It's going to be a lot of fun when he and Ben reunite.

Why doesn't Happy just carry them into the air like he does with Natsu?

Yeah, the Magic Council isn't really good at anything.

Well... Technically XLR8 is faster than Fastrack. And Jetray is faster than him...
But Fastrack is my favorite!

"I know he can beat Racer if he tries hard enough." And that's it. That's the difference between Ben 10 and Fairy Tail. The anime focuses on willpower and friendship and I love that Ben, who isn't from this community, is still trying to get used to it.

Oh, I forgot Happy was out of magic. My bad, sorry.

Also enjoy that the villains follow this same strategem and Ben doesn't even really go alien on them.

Heck yeah! Love Kickin Hawk!
But Ben didn't scan the chicken guy, did he? So how is he a-

Let's smoke this bird!
This goose will be cooked!
Fry that chicken!
I can do this all day.

Couldn't Ben, er, Kicken Hawk just leap towards Wendy and Happy? Over the dustcloud?


I guess he had the alien, just never used him thus far. Again, my apologies.

'But Wendy's unconscious.' 'That's wonderful!'
Dude. Chill. And maybe see a therapist.

I am just now realizing we are barely halfway through this chapter. Geeze, how many pages is usually in a chapter!?

The worst-case scenario is there's no one to communicate with.

It is moments like this I really have to commend the Entrapment Arc. It was able to express to not only us, but the Fairy Tail characters, what Ben has done or can be.


Could the Omnitrix connect to the Archive? I know it cannot connect to Ben because he has no magic (or that's what I think I'm understanding) but couldn't the Omnitrix itself connect? Like a wireless hotspot?

See? Helpless.

Big gap here because I really have nothing to say about this part, well done.

Wendy noticing Ben's eyes is a win for me. It reminds me of a Doctor Who quote. "How can a man so young have eyes so old?" I've always enjoyed characters who have sadness in their eyes yet spend most of their time smiling.

'There has to be a mistake'. Well, yes. But also, no.

'It just got ten times worse.' Aaaaaay I see what you did there.

Holy crap, did this happen in canon? I don't remember Hibiki basically bombing a little girl in the face.

Wait... Ben isn't exactly in the right mind space either.
No! You wouldn't! That would be ridiculous!
But sooooo much fun!

Ooh, haven't seen Wildmutt in a while. I'm expecting Ben to go Ultimate while in this form, though.

Also, are we going to have a Batman-Superman thing going on between Hibiki and Ben? Maybe an arc where Hibiki is using his knowledge against him?
Because that would be freaking awesome. I have more on the idea if you wish to talk about it.

I was never really sure about this, but did Hotey turn good because of Nirvana? I think so, but I don't remember any specific clarification for it.

C'mon Natsu, don't you know this is Fairy Tail? No one ever really dies here!

Oh Lord, I thought Ben would turn. But this... It was even set up! I was blind!
Ooooh I can't wait for what's next! God, I missed your writing.
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