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for Ultimate Fairy: Volume I

9/20 c24 Comic Manga
httpsultimate-fairy. fandom
9/20 c22 Comic Manga
httpsben10fanfiction. fandom
9/15 c1 Comic Manga
httpsultimate-fairy. fandom
9/13 c50 Guest
Somebody already made a rewrite of this author pyrohelixdrago Title is Ultimate Fairy Volume 2
9/13 c30 Guest
Aggregor would actually lose to Alien X.
9/13 c22 Guest
Honestly Simon could have lived. Omnitrix has a feature that saves one from dying.
9/14 c20 4Derago
Why is the author so obsessed with the words 'careening' and 'conflagration'?
8/11 c50 Guest
Although I appreciated the fact that this beautiful fanfiction continued, I admit that I didn't really appreciate the change of writing and the decisions made by the new author regarding the plot. Also you were more precise and accurate in correctly inserting and describing canonical events of the two series and characteristics and abilities of Ben's aliens.
Could you consider taking this fanfiction back into your hands by writing an alternative continuation to that of pyrohelixdrago?
7/20 c13 tkorn1001
Doubt Makarov would even need fairy law with the beating ben and erze gave Jose
7/19 c7 tkorn1001
Imagine jet reaction when he finds out fast track isn't even bens fastest alien
7/19 c4 tkorn1001
"Destroy the moon"

Ben: okay

Way big go brrrrrrrrrr
7/18 c2 tkorn1001
You know I think the moon dragon god could send him back home
7/13 c2 SkyNeves
How is this story "post-Oracion Seis Arc and onward." If it's still at the "The Sub-Zero Emperor Lyon arc"?
Galuna Island arc is the 4th arc while Oracion Seis Arc is the 9th if I'm not mistaken.
6/3 c50 1JTheFireLord
I just found out that this fic is the original Ultimate Fairy (hence the title Volume I and the other being Vol. II, but I just didn't understand why that was the case since I looked on Pyrohelixdrago's profile and didn't see any Vol. I lol). But recently I got to the later chapters in Pyro's Vol. II fic and noticed a drastic difference in writing style, but I couldn't quite understand why it was so different. I thought maybe the Pyrohelixdrago was just feeling pressured to produce chapters so frequently and this was affecting his storywriting or that he was letting someone else write from the Oracion Seis arc on without telling the readers. BUT it turns out that I was sort of right since it *was* a different author after that arc which explains why things got so weird so quickly! I honestly don't like the direction the story is going now, I feel like it's way too complicated and many additions are unnecessary, but hey you aren't the author anymore so I won't complain anymore either (plus I already said my feelings in a review on his fic lol. Though that was before I discovered he didn't write the first 50 chapters.)
Since I now know you wrote the majority of Ultimate Fairy, I just want to say THANK YOU for this amazing piece of work that thoroughly captivated me for the last 3 days and honestly makes me want to rewatch both series. I wish you would continue the fic but I respect your decision and wish you well in any future writing endeavors my bro! :D
4/25 c50 3ReaderWarrior
All they need to do is give Natsu some fire, right?

Awwww. She said she loved him!

You're a wizard, Benny!

6 places? Echo-Echo. They all turn into separate aliens. Boom, done.

History lesson time
So we have Cait Shelter to thank for the flaming-headed turtle?!

Oooh, are you saying Ben can go alien without going alien? Like a certain ultimate variant?

If the Flames are Jellal's sins, Ben should win this in 2 seconds
Man, I love Atomix
Ah, taking a spin off Feedback's return, niiice. Who're we going to get?

Oh shoot that's awesome! And we even just got a flashback showing off him. Man, I love this.
Missed the perfect chance for one last, good-old, TURBO!

Wait, that can't be it, can it? You can't drop us and leave at the end of the fight! What about Cait Shelter's reveal? Jellal's arrest? Ezra's tears?!
To sum up, I'll miss you dude. You honestly got me into Fanfiction. I remember staying up at night reading this story and geeking out about BBash's first appearance. The Entrapment Spell is one of my favourite arch's in all of fiction and as sad as I am to see this story passed on to another, I'm still excited to see what comes next.
If this is goodbye, then you've made it a good one.
Thank you, Ultimate10, for everything
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