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for Dance (of Desire) with my Enemy

10/4/2022 c5 Guest
Ugh I really loved it... and the fact that they are both in character is marvelous...
12/31/2019 c5 3magiemae
6/9/2018 c5 2WriteAwayMaam
be still my heart! great story
5/15/2018 c5 Guest
This was amazing. Sweet and well actually sweet isn't the right word I just can't come up with a better one. It was really interesting and romantic in a Pride And Prejudice way. Great job!
3/9/2017 c5 Kelsey441
You write a great short story.
10/20/2015 c5 1Scherherazade
A pretty far moving romance but fun to read all the same.
6/5/2014 c5 Deactivated-000-Account-000000
So sweet!
4/27/2014 c5 14thunder2010
Awww this was very cute! Nicely written!
4/27/2014 c3 thunder2010
At first I questioned it but I like where this is going. I like how you describe the contrasting emotions within Draco
2/17/2014 c5 1Montara
Knowing him, considering him the enemy for so long, it must have been very hard to her to believe him and act on her own feelings. She really is a true Gryffindor.

On the other hand, if he wanted only revenge, her trusting her feelings would have made a fool out of her...She was in a difficult situation and she was lucky he had, in the end, pure intentions (well, not that pure :D).
2/6/2014 c1 AshB
Amazing short story and portray of passion. Great work.
2/6/2014 c5 25Sorceress of Magic
Aw cuteness
2/2/2014 c5 Zie
That was brilliant. It completed my day. thank you.
1/30/2014 c1 Guest
so glad you are back- I think that all of us readers (the ones who actually appreciate good work) have missed you very much and finally have something to look forward again- one of your brilliant updates :)
2/1/2014 c5 12fantasia-49
oh it was so cute and romantic too! Draoc comes to hate to love his ex ennemy!

I love it really! Thanks for sharing your story!
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