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6/10/2017 c59 50Morbidmuch
I just love all these outtakes! Would love a look at what happened at Éponine's birthday party at the Musain, I was disappointed that WAMP didn't include it.
1/3/2016 c59 Guest
1/2/2016 c59 ellesiachti
thank you for continuing to put in "little" bits here and there! This is among my favorite stories ever, and your these side stories are a special treat I squeal over when I see them in my email :D
11/27/2015 c57 Guest
Aww this was cute
11/27/2015 c57 20shadows-of-1832
This was a cute little bit. Kind of as surprised as Eponine on that one, but then again, not everyone close by has the cleanest of vocabularies.
11/17/2015 c56 Guest
11/17/2015 c56 20TheDrabbleOfBlue
Very cute indeed. You have yet to disappoint me. :)
11/14/2015 c55 Guest
10/24/2015 c54 Guest
This is so cute!
10/23/2015 c54 20shadows-of-1832
Aw, this was a sweet one. Young Jacques is so adorable.
10/22/2015 c54 Guest
Awww, this is so cute
8/3/2015 c53 Guest
This is so cute
7/15/2015 c52 livingthefictionallife
I love this, it is one of the best series's I have ever read x
6/15/2015 c52 Guest
Do you remember the chapter you write with modern people looking through the lives and history of these ones? So, if you have time I would love to see another chapter with them.
Oh yeah, and the work you do with The Everyday Fight is really good, so please continue!
6/1/2015 c52 Guest
This chapter is so cute :)
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