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4/5/2018 c40 Guest
This is very beautifully written your very talented keep up the good work xx
11/4/2017 c40 Lol007
Love it
Could you do chapter about 5 years in the future of the last one Emma and Ethan having jobs and thinking of having kids
1/12/2015 c40 32KlarolinexDelenaxx
Read all this. Absolutely love it
10/18/2014 c40 Guest
I really love reading your stories, I'd really love it if you started a new one but with Connie as a Mum, really hoping we get to see more of her on the show. Really great job on your stories though! x
10/18/2014 c40 Guest
Update soon. It's great! Xxxxxx
10/17/2014 c40 Guest
Aw this is amazing well done! Maybe you could do like a little chat between jac and Ethan? Update ASAP;)
10/18/2014 c40 5holbyclover
I agree. I want jac and jonny to reconcile and be a propper family for emma. Surely jac would want that for her babu girl. Great chapter. Xx
9/26/2014 c39 Guest
It's fab update soon! Xxxxxx
9/21/2014 c39 2Beckyxoxo
Ok Jac is in a charming mood
9/16/2014 c38 Guest
Please update it's been ages
9/2/2014 c38 Guest
This is SO good, maybe at 21 Emma could have a party for her 21st Birthday and maybe someone could fall ill and Emma and jac help her or maybe Emma could be put on a placement at Keller ward or something and she could make a vital mistake which makes her question if she really wants to be a doctor? And jac could help her through it? Or maybe her and Ethan have a fight? Update soon x
9/1/2014 c38 ellynwatchestv
I'd still like to see a bit more Jonny in this story - I feel like he should have been involved with the rape and then Emma's pregnancy/miscarriage
8/30/2014 c38 Guest
It's great update soon! Xxxxxx
8/28/2014 c37 Guest
8/27/2014 c37 Guest
Aww I love this story it's so good! Also I personally think that a miscarriage would be more interesting and probably is easier to write about... anyway keep it up!
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