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5/10/2018 c8 Guest
What part are you? I was in it and i was just Marian
4/4/2018 c12 2The Music Woman 4 Life
I am soooooooooooooooo reading this
4/4/2018 c9 The Music Woman 4 Life
4/4/2018 c2 The Music Woman 4 Life
you're in the music man? me too! I'm Mrs. Squires, which part are you?
1/21/2017 c19 K Plums
The new trend is musical characters desperately trying to avoid dance breaks.
2/26/2016 c20 56JWood201
Oh, this whole story made me so happy! (But this chapter in particular).

You guys clearly put a lot of thought and character work into your production. The sign of good actors and a great director. (When I direct I actually encourage my kids to write fanfics about their characters - it really helps them delve into their characters' worlds and psychology). The family dynamics of River City are so interesting to me.

I've seen so many productions that don't pay any attention to Ethel and Marcellus and it makes me so sad. I'm playing Ethel currently and they've been putting me in the show quite a bit. I must say our Ethellus is pretty cute, haha. I've been trying to figure her out - as the youngest Pick-A-Little and hanging out with her aunt's friends all the time, but also dancing with Marcellus and the kids - she's way more interesting and complicated than most people play her as.

Thanks for giving her some love in a very sweet collection of stories. :)
7/7/2014 c16 155showtunediva
I had never considered Ethel's backstory before. Great job with this :)
5/12/2014 c3 showtunediva
I really love this a lot. You captured Zaneeta and Tommy's characters very well here. :) I am actually writing a story about them that I could use some feedback on because I am having trouble developing the plot. It is called Young Love.
2/10/2014 c11 27Carolina Nadeau
I have really been enjoying reading this story! (And you are so, so lucky to get to play Marian - that's my life's dream, pretty much!)

I do so love reading fluffy stories about Harold and Marian's "happily ever after", and I enjoy how you've woven in so many other characters as well. It's very interesting to see your unique take on the various River City-ziens' relationships to each other in the past and present, and how your experiences with your castmates have colored the story but not to the point of making it untrue to character. I also like the little detail about how it runs in the Paroo family to have intuition about one's children - are Harold and Marian having twins, maybe? How cute! :D

(One thing that struck me as historically inaccurate that I thought I'd point out: in the era of The Music Man, pink and blue were not associated for boys and girls the way that they are now. As a matter of fact, if people made those associations at all, it would have been generally accepted to be the other way around!)

Just a suggestion for you - you'll probably get more hits if you move your story to the category "The Music Man" instead of just "Music Man", because that is the much more active category where all of the other stories are. :) Welcome to the fandom, and congratulations on your role!

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