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5/22/2017 c56 18Hotstreak's crossover stories
Diana and Shayera might kill Luthor
5/22/2017 c56 Chaos-PSD
Awesome finisher to season 2, Wolf. I can't wait to find out where Naruto and Flash have landed themselves in.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
5/22/2017 c55 Chaos-PSD
Good chapter, Wolf. The way you implemented the previous episode here was pretty clever.
5/22/2017 c55 Hotstreak's crossover stories
Why didn't Naruto rescue Galatea
5/22/2017 c56 14JP-Ryder
Okay, that's a good chapter. However, what do you have in store with the ending?
5/22/2017 c56 3MCRasengan
That can't be good. Glad to see a new chapter though, let alone two. Can't wait to see the next ones.
5/6/2017 c32 8KM Donovan
you do realize that in Canon, his arm wasn't just severed, but completely destroyed. they did not reattach it because there was NOTHING to reattach. in this you only severed his arm, and even with the tech the league has, if they are quick enough, then reattaching a severed limb is fully possible. especially if the cut is a clean one.

add in Tsunade's medical experience? she could put his arm back EASILY, she proved that when she made the prosthetic in the first place. and considering you never once stated that his arm was destroyed after it was severed, that means that him keeping the original is fully possible.

hell, who's to say he couldn't reattach it himself using Kurama?

the point i'm trying to make is, its a plot hole. its you trying to shift the plot closer to Canon, which is pointless. naruto lost his arm, the arm was severed CLEANLY, and is thus salvageable. so why go with the prosthetic at all?

it makes no sense.
4/4/2017 c54 18Hotstreak's crossover stories
I thought Naruto would stop Captain Marvel from quitting the League
4/4/2017 c54 12 beast
Do a teenage mutant ninja turtles crossover the nickeloden or Netflix voltron
4/4/2017 c54 2Charles Ceaser
Awesome chapter. Please update soon
4/4/2017 c54 Chaos-PSD
Good chapter, Wolf. I liked how Naruto was able to diffuse Superman during their first meeting with Captain Marvel.

Looking forward to the next chapter, as always.
4/4/2017 c54 12Memnon45
Awesome chapter, keep up the good work. A little downtime for Narutk before the serious business happens.
3/1/2017 c1 Guest
when are you going to update!
2/12/2017 c1 Guest
HELLO! when is the next CHAPTER!
2/4/2017 c53 Guest
cant wait for update
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