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9/12/2016 c50 DragonPony022
Great chapter, can't wait to see more
9/12/2016 c50 Adjuster
Ok awesome chapter and it would be awesome if you made a Naruto/Lunatics crossover
9/7/2016 c49 some guy
You know what's funny? This story is rated M but you don't include lemon scenes. You imply them and that's all we get. Any chance of that changing in the future
9/4/2016 c1 1Ragnar92
All black clothes, check, this is going to be chuuni crap, isn't it?

Oh he wears black, he most be cool! Because that's how it works right?

Why isn't Naruto wearing some glorious orange? It's probably a miracle the man didn't wear orange to his wedding. Why change the character trait?

Why did he feel the need to through a bloody Hirashin when he isn't that far from the enemy, and he can move at a calc'd speed of Mach 300? Does you have any idea how fast that is? Why let the enemy know what you can do?

Second, why didn't the Rasengan detonate when it hit it's target? You are aware of just how powerful that little bugger can be, right? It's pure Chakra violently compressed by a grinding shell. Unless Gravity is a hundred times heavier on the DC earth, it should have sent the target through several walls at the least.

Bows? BOWS? They hardly work on part one Neji, and that's when the user is hyped up on Sage Chakra from the Cursed Seal!

How about he gets in close, like he loves to, and punches it in the face?

You picked a Shitty DC 'verse to inset Naruto into because Manga Naruto is pretty much top dog. The Cartoon, while very fun an enojyable to watch has really strange feats available to it that don't provide much of a challenge to a post pain Naruto, let alone Naruto from Madara fight (Who is FTL, on top of being stupidly strong)

I really can't keep reading this, it's utterly nonsensical and badly out of character.
8/26/2016 c49 Darth Simp
Are you gonna add a injustice 2 part of the story I just heard about it and I'd love to see how you would add naruto into it if not that's fine
8/14/2016 c18 Avo385
Not sure if you were already made aware of this, but in Superman's dream, you accidentally wrote Daily Bugle instead of Daily Planet. Unless it wasn't an accident and this story is secretly a Marvel crossover too, however, I doubt this to be the case.
8/9/2016 c11 not cool
I read 10 CH of this story and
all I saw was green arrow with narutos name. all naruto do is shoot arrow and flash. no chakra ark, no modes. its just an oc or green arrow in disguised at best. plz correct this
8/10/2016 c49 2DARTH-KRAIX
el capitulo estuvo genial espero y actualices pronto suerte con la continuaciĆ³n
8/9/2016 c49 Chaos-PSD
Good chapter, Wolf.

Also, great author's note!
8/9/2016 c49 pitbull4567
Great chapter I also enjoyed the killing joke but did not live up to the hype.
8/9/2016 c49 12Memnon45
Good chapter and to tell you the truth I almost forgot about Wild Cat. I wish they would make a movie that tells the story of Wild Cat.
8/9/2016 c49 18Hotstreak's crossover stories
I loved this chapter especially the ending.
7/20/2016 c48 Whitefangfan
Hey lone wolf I just wondering are you going injustice gods among us too if you do that would be great hope you do
7/18/2016 c48 111ZabuzasGirl
Update immediately, please!
7/17/2016 c48 2DARTH-KRAIX
se puso interesante la historia espero que actualices pronto espero la continuaciĆ³n suerte
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