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4/20/2020 c4 Kenrio
So why naruto don't abuse of shadow clone more when he can pratocaly create a army with it
4/20/2020 c3 Kenrio
Until now naruto is useles and didn't help with anything, even if he is no here everything will be okay so his presence is pretty much useles
4/20/2020 c2 Kenrio
Wow this naruto is more weak than green lantern and I don't understand why he don't use his sage form whe that make much more stronger, faster, and more resilient
4/20/2020 c1 Kenrio
No only you want to make naruto a photographer when he never ever know how (and he can do much more) but you make him extremely weak
4/14/2020 c59 The Demon-WolfKing
You got the name wrong she doesn’t share the same name as Naruto’s mother, her name isn’t Rama Kushina it’s spelled Rama Kushna. There’s no i in her name
2/3/2020 c1 MathiasNightlord01
Ok, here's the review.

It's alright for the most part in terms of plot most. But a few things kind of bug me.

1) Naruto shouldn't need to change his shinobi gear for a rip-off Hawkeye/Arrow costume that really doesn't fit his origins. Just keep his regular gear or upgrade it to something similar from his own world (seeing as the Toads can actually cross universes to deliver it). As for detective vision, well you can just use contacts instead of sunglasses.

2) Naruto has ways of gathering Natural Energy very quickly during and post war while moving or in urban environments. Either have Kurama do it for him, or do it himself considering that by the time the war ended he could enter Sage Mode almost instantaneously by himself cause he could gather natural energy much faster than before. If you've really nerfed him, than he could always use the clone method to gather the energy.

3) Naruto's weapon, a bow...we get it your a Hawkeye/Green Arrow fan no need to make Naruto into a carbon copy of them. Plus, Archery is Sasuke's thing. Eskrima Sticks like he uses in SPSM or a staff seems more his thing.
And he already has long range options with Shuriken and Kunai that he can throw at speeds much faster than GA's arrows (the fastest arrows only travel about 200 mph or 300 fps which Naruto can speed blitz that any day) Plus, a bow would need a draw weight much higher than any bow Hawkeye or Green Arrow could use (Hawkeye can only draw 250 pound bow while GA can do 125 I believe last I checked though this could have changed IDK) to make it worthwhile for Naruto.
1/28/2020 c1 thegrison
This is a hard story to follow. No logical reason to say why Naruto is there or how he got there in the first chapter. We are just thrown into the story. Needs a rewrite if the reason comes later.
1/5/2020 c4 Guest
"Tyger, Tyger" WAS a good episode. As for your Copperhead being Naruto's Catwoman bit... why won't anyone just pair Naruto and Catwoman in any DC Crossover? They're practically MADE for each other, both are mischievous, both are playful, and Naruto's not such a goody-good he's going to bitch and moan about Selina ripping off Gotham's elite, who are all criminals themselves anyways.

Seriously, has no one read the comics? At least 75% of the people Selina steals from are crime lords. That's why it never made sense why Batman couldn't just get over it, I mean it wasn't like she robbed banks or hard-working citizens, most of her heists were crime lords, jewelers who ended up obtaining said stolen jewel illegally themselves, or smugglers smuggling in rare artifacts, really Catwoman's just playing the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest, plus she has every right to, she's one of the chief victims of Gotham's corruption, her mother was murdered by her father whom Gotham refused to lock up, she was separated from her younger siblings (little sister in New Earth and little brother in Prime Earth), and was forced to work as a hooker. She's got every right to rob Gotham blind.

Also don't get why she's considered "Batman's Woman". The whole Batman x Catwoman thing came from a very fucked up crossover arc in which the two married and had a child in an alternate universe (Helena Wayne aka Huntress). However in the primary universe (Earth-1), Catwoman and Batman were never more than fuck-buddies. In fact CATWOMAN and BATMAN did not become an item until AFTER the Animated Series made it a thing, it was their secret identities, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle that had a thing until the ninties, and even then, Bruce turns Selina in when he figures out she's Catwoman. Yeeeeeah, reeeeeeeal love right there, made about as much sense as Sakura Haruno marrying Sasuke AFTER he put her in an illusion where he stabbed her in the heart with a Chidori.

Either one, the men running the entertainment world are becoming so threatened by women they have depict them as love-sick little puppies who fall for abusive or emotionless assholes (cough, Batman and Sasuke, cough), or this shit's being written by stupid fan-girl bitches with absolutely no self-esteem. Either way, it's pathetic.

Honestly, I always felt Batman x Catwoman were DC's pathetic attempt at mimicking Marvel's relationship between Black Cat and Spider-man. So why Catwoman can never be paired with Naruto but HARLEY QUINN can, when the latter HAS been shown to be love obsessed with her man, is beyond me. (Note: I do like Naruto x Harley Quinn as well, but face facts, Harley Quinn is more loyal to Joker than Catwoman is to Batman)
11/20/2019 c7 Guest
If were Naruto I’d spank Wonder Woman’s muscular ass and marry her. Cool story btw.
9/28/2019 c1 maxe03
How do she know about karama
7/3/2019 c48 jorji
Why is naruto “panting” after fighting one of his kind that also uses jutsu. You are a terrible writer after having naruto fight one of his kind only using swords and NO jutsu even tho this is a naruto crossover and yet you have naruto get tired after a short fight. Like what the hell, do you even watch the anime or read the manga. He fought in the 4th ninja war for hours using a lot of chakra yet you have the guts to have naruto get tired after a couple minutes of sword fighting. Terrible story, terrible writing. This story so far has rarely let naruto use any jutsu nor his chakra cloak even tho this story is after the manga but I highly doubt you even read it. God I hope when darkside invades you let him use his jutsus and chakra cloak because so far you haven’t let him use anything because “he is to strong”. Not recommended story, OC with naruto’s name
7/3/2019 c35 JC
"Whenever Batman puts them in jail they just break out. And Kage isn't strong enough to handle villains around the World. I say it's time for them to hang up their masks." Yeah no shit since this author is a piece of shit writer that purposefully nerfs naruto whenever he fights the bad guys and has him lose more often then not that pisses me off since the manga ended already so the author knows the full extent of his powers but the author doesn’t let naruto use them cause “he’s to strong”.If he’s to strong then don’t do a damn crossover with naruto and justice league this is literally an OC with naruto’s name because he only uses jutsu once every 4 chapters and sometimes even more and it’s only the rasengan and he never uses the chakra cloak cause again “he is to strong”. Thai story is terrible
1/30/2019 c9 kynan99
1/19/2019 c28 5HMV Black Templar
Wow...I have to say, Kara's reaction is pretty fucked up...I mean, if Naruto had willingly done it with Copperhead, that'd be one thing, but he was drugged, bound, and raped, and her reaction to that is to blame him and be violent with him? That's fucked up beyond belief. Talk about victim blaming. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving this story so far, but I just had to say this.
12/15/2018 c3 26Adventreader221
the correct term for the jutsu is EARTH FLOW SPEARS
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