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9/22/2015 c38 Inu-Shinta
I like Roxy, please have more of her and Naruto interacting.
9/22/2015 c38 6TerrorKing10
While I would've preferred a longer chapter rather than you skipping the Chong Mei mission, I liked this chapter.
9/22/2015 c38 pitbull4567
good chapter
9/22/2015 c38 5Tenma Sosei
Is his relationship with female villains a fling?
9/22/2015 c38 goddragonking
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more)
9/22/2015 c38 DragonPony022
Well it was nice to see a new chapter to this story. I do wonder who how will the JLU storyline change with Naruto around and with some of the characters in other relationships will change some of the drama taking place. There is also the fact there has been alot new stories done since the cartoon been out that can now be played with and used as a source.
9/22/2015 c38 6Jebest4781
went well on what went on here and glad to be of help
9/19/2015 c22 Elemental Ninja 1608
Excellent chapter
9/15/2015 c21 Elemental Ninja 1608
Interesting chapter
9/9/2015 c35 Guest
The beginning ofthe chapter was from batman the animated series pretty cool
9/11/2015 c20 Elemental Ninja 1608
Really good chapter, it was certainly interesting
9/10/2015 c19 Elemental Ninja 1608
Really good chapter,
9/10/2015 c18 Elemental Ninja 1608
Really good chapter, it was interesting seeing the nightmares of some of the heroes
9/10/2015 c37 darkwarp
hey been loving the story so far i was wondering is there going to be anymore female dc heroes that might be paired with naruto or is it just going to just the 5 thats with him ?
9/6/2015 c17 Elemental Ninja 1608
Really good chapter, it is gat to see that Naruto still has his desire to help some badguys he thinks are redeemable
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