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4/16/2018 c13 Jelamy
Dude good story but why is naruto so under powered
4/15/2018 c67 kival737101
Hey do you take requests for girls in Naruto's Harem in Ultimate Spider-Man? Cause their are 2 I kinda want to see in it
4/15/2018 c68 LoamyCoffee
a great story, it was a pleasure reading this~
4/15/2018 c68 Guest
Agora que acabou, já pode atualizar Naruto On Board e Shinobi On Board ?
4/15/2018 c68 JJP123
a great ending for a great story, it was great seeing it come along.

as for your upcoming Naruto / Ultimate Spider-man story I don't know what your idea is but I hope its were Naruto was born in the ultimate Spiderman world, and instead of Peter, its Naruto who is Spiderman and like is more experienced like from the Spiderman ps4 game, and he has extra spider powers like venom blast, invisibility and organic webbing with Ava/White Tiger as his girlfriend from the beginning of the story
4/15/2018 c68 14JP-Ryder
Love it so much.

I like how you make Carol Danvers as Naruto and Supergirl's daughter.

The epilogue looks great, love it.

Hope you do some good stories soon.
4/15/2018 c68 Chaos-PSD
We came. We read. It's been quite a tale that's been told, but it's been a great ride all the way through!
4/15/2018 c67 Chaos-PSD
Nice semi-final chapter, Wolf!
4/15/2018 c66 Chaos-PSD
Good bit of romance in this chapter. Nice.
4/15/2018 c65 Chaos-PSD
Well done, Wolf.
4/15/2018 c68 kival737101
Wow 4 years it's been a tell of a ride looking forward to see how you do Ultimate Spider-Man and who's in his harem in it
4/15/2018 c64 Chaos-PSD
Not a bad chapter, Wolf. Good job.
4/15/2018 c68 18Hotstreak's crossover stories
This has been an amazing story, it's too bad it's over. Still great job
4/15/2018 c67 Hotstreak's crossover stories
Naruto style of action never gets old. What happen to Luthor after he was knocked out
4/15/2018 c64 TheFrinkyDinkMan
All good things have to come to an end I'm just surprise to see the end of one of your fanfictions not many people have the ability to know when to end their fanfiction.
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