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5/26 c30 8Ryo Oh Ki7
Love love love
5/23 c30 7hjcallipygian
This story is so good. I really love where you're taking it and how you're getting there. Can't wait to see what you bring up next. Fantastic!
5/23 c18 hjcallipygian
Whew, that was intense! Great storytelling.
5/18 c12 14H Max Marius
*shakes head sadly*

While I realize the coin-flip thing is canon, it just doesn't work with Coil's described power.

Now, Coil calling the flip accurately 10 or 20 times in a row, that works... but there's no guarantee in a binary system that he would get 10 random occurrences to line up in a row. On at least one occasion, if not more, he'd get tails in both timelines.
4/9 c4 ShadowMurlock
This story is so sweeeeeeet. A universe where Emma didn't break really is a good one...
3/17 c30 Spellflame
That is one of the most satisfying reformations in worm
3/17 c18 Spellflame
And that is why everyone hates coil
1/20 c30 ggf1
if the dragonslayers hadn't interfered Riley would not have had her chance at redemption. hmmm
1/14 c24 BlackStarMage
I've never hated the dragon slayers as much as I have right now.
1/13 c1 BlackStarMage
normally I hate Emma, but I like what you've done with her in this fic.
1/10 c24 Svenion
anyone who didn't see an escape coming is an idiot. js
1/10 c21 Svenion
seriously, moral dilemma with killing the S9?
1/10 c16 Svenion
I'm sure this was great, but I tend to skip coil assaults because of the whole time-line swapping. the important bits are always relayed later anywho. I have much respect for writers who go thru the whole thing, and maintain consistency throughout.
1/10 c9 Svenion
no way any of those fathers would have okay'd an interview where they give every villain a rundown on their powers. about the dumbest thing they could have done, and goes against how careful the families have been up to this point.
1/8 c24 4kingpariah
oh come on!

after a huge victory against the Nine and the effing Slayers idiots set them free just to get the new crafts?! my god these people are morons!
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