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12/4 c10 Xtank5
"New Wave never got a liaison"
RIP My sides!
12/4 c23 ATS-Wonder
as if they'd not be killed by the S9 from just a single mishap
12/4 c23 ATS-Wonder
ugh, not killing S9 immediately is so cringe even without metaknowledge
12/4 c19 ATS-Wonder
so did glory girl still die? panacea?
12/4 c18 ATS-Wonder
and taylor– ain't no way... universe d better show up lol ><
12/4 c18 ATS-Wonder
dude killed off glory girl and panacea in one chapter
11/28 c35 ReviewerPops
Niiiice. Also when asked how she doesn't get Thinker headaches? It's definitely because QA is absolute bullshit broken. Super Computers just wish they had Taylor's processing potential with multitasking.
11/28 c20 2Pinkypi
If it is the s9 sounds to me like skids mush and squealer got hit first. With Mush getting burned, Skidmark skinned alive and Squealer turned into a ball. JS. No identification cuz they can leave them without identifiers.
11/28 c18 Pinkypi
I like the title of chapter. Even if technically this was the Good ending after Danny beat that mother fucker to death with a tire iron.
11/28 c15 Pinkypi
it is evil but it's also an evil that left me giddy cuz i actually get to click next chapter now :3
11/28 c13 Pinkypi
There's three categories in writing the way I see it.

First is the actual writing. This includes Grammar and such and is a category that has nothing to do with story itself as it's all technical.

Second is the creativity which is where the story starts. The ideas behind it.

Third is the execution which is technically contains part of the 1st and 2nd categories but a lot of people can do so well in the first two and fall apart in the third.

I'd say a solid 3 stars for the first category and 4 for third category but damn if one could actually give more than 5 stars I'd give 10 for the second category after reading so many of your stories. They're all creative and different. The ideas feel like you're using everything at your fingertips in completely different ways every time you turn around which is awesome. You don't ever seem to let yourself get boxed in the way others do by personal feelings towards certain characters and its amazing because I never know what's going to happen with a story.
11/28 c1 Pinkypi
A neat little prolog. There's not much in the way of description, but I can actually see Emma reacting that way without the mental break she suffered in canon
that allowed Sophia to slip in with her philosophy.
10/15 c24 Efail1
Story is great... until here. Then it becomes a bit stupid and contrived. From adults throwing childish tantrums over things they can't control to forced plots in order to have more 'conflict' that all hinge on characters being so stupid that they are practically shooting themselves in the foot and then wondering why it hurts and only so much of it can be blamed on Contessa. That all said the story is still great until here just like a lot of their other stories the character interactions feel great, the dynamic between them gives them all unique personalities and they have interesting powers and power interactions for fights.
10/9 c24 Yami no Ninaite
Liked the story until here, but seriously? The Dragonslayers freeing the Nine on the basis of 'don't do anything for free', especially when this is the Nine, who likely have ridiculous bounties? I'm not sure what drugs you're on, but the story no longer makes sense. The story was decent before this, but this has sent it straight to 0/10. There's a couple of hours I'm not getting back.
10/7 c35 Duchess67
Oooooh, that was brilliantly sneaky and I love it!

Just out of curiosity, where did Greg Veder end up?
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