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7/30 c31 16zigmas
7/30 c31 Robert Stadler
In the original Worm, Taylor's powers weren't inherently very strong, but she was able to get every last erg out of them through cleverness and creativity. Having a whole team functioning at that level, with enough practice at coordination to take full advantage of their synergies, makes them powerful enough to take on nearly any threat short of an Endbringer or Contessa. When Panacea is part of the team, if they ever really take full advantage of her biokinesis, I'd back them against any combination of human capes that did not include Contessa.
5/26 c30 8Ryo Oh Ki7
Love love love
5/23 c30 7hjcallipygian
This story is so good. I really love where you're taking it and how you're getting there. Can't wait to see what you bring up next. Fantastic!
5/23 c18 hjcallipygian
Whew, that was intense! Great storytelling.
5/18 c12 14H Max Marius
*shakes head sadly*

While I realize the coin-flip thing is canon, it just doesn't work with Coil's described power.

Now, Coil calling the flip accurately 10 or 20 times in a row, that works... but there's no guarantee in a binary system that he would get 10 random occurrences to line up in a row. On at least one occasion, if not more, he'd get tails in both timelines.
4/9 c4 ShadowMurlock
This story is so sweeeeeeet. A universe where Emma didn't break really is a good one...
3/17 c30 Spellflame
That is one of the most satisfying reformations in worm
3/17 c18 Spellflame
And that is why everyone hates coil
1/20 c30 ggf1
if the dragonslayers hadn't interfered Riley would not have had her chance at redemption. hmmm
1/14 c24 BlackStarMage
I've never hated the dragon slayers as much as I have right now.
1/13 c1 BlackStarMage
normally I hate Emma, but I like what you've done with her in this fic.
1/10 c24 Svenion
anyone who didn't see an escape coming is an idiot. js
1/10 c21 Svenion
seriously, moral dilemma with killing the S9?
1/10 c16 Svenion
I'm sure this was great, but I tend to skip coil assaults because of the whole time-line swapping. the important bits are always relayed later anywho. I have much respect for writers who go thru the whole thing, and maintain consistency throughout.
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