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for The Frosted Hills

12/7/2016 c3 3alexxandor76
Hey guys quick question,im thinking about rebooting this story, on the other hand i could just start from where i left off, opinions?
3/21/2014 c3 some guy
well to hurry this up this up serana
3/12/2014 c2 alexxandor76
for one please stop asking about the dragonborn because i am planning something involving all of them becoming dragonborn like when you go back in time and see the three dragonborn fighting alduin.
3/8/2014 c2 mr kaboom
well can the guide be the dragonborn? if not serana.

also can you update more faster?
2/28/2014 c2 some guy
well serana of course and will they meet the dragonborn?
2/18/2014 c1 mastermind
senara by a landslide
2/14/2014 c1 alexxandor76
firstly, i would like to thank everyone for their help in my last version of this. i am using the dawnguard dlc, i need a little help, i decided i am either going to put ysolda, serana, or one of the companions in tsukune's harem you know, as a guide, please tell me who i should put in, and if you do choose one of the companions, please tell me which one you'd prefer. thank you! also about the other questions, i only have one answer, no spoilers. so see you guys later.
2/2/2014 c1 some guy
the statue is mara from the chose your own life mod.

and will they be in the monster form publicy since skyrim is full of nonhuman races

also i have to say will you put a oc in this to help them out with skyrim since they would not survive without a guide to help them.

also will the vampires here be different from moka's or will you make it so they are similar

and just to say this people in skyrim hate vampires since the act like rabid animals unless they are the vampires were from the dawngaurd dlc
2/2/2014 c1 mastermind
well will they have quest to do like the collage of winterhold since Yukari would like it there and the quest were you meet sam (the night were you go on a hangover adventure) and the Chinese guy is not gay he just got misunderstood the wiki said that.

also how would they react to the nonhuman races of skyrim?

lastly this need the mad god in it he was always awesome. cheese!

update soon!
2/1/2014 c1 Celticdragon94
Thats interesting... i bet you made them like skyrims vampires. Weak to fire. Weakend in sunlight.

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