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12/16/2017 c19 8TinkStar87
Oh boy did this story affect me. Sooo many ways could i relate to Brooke, it's not even funny. From someone who's had a lot of crap happen in her life, this story was amazing. Yes there were a few typos, or grammar mistakes, but it was fantastic! Although i will say the hardest part to read in this story for me, was when Brooke lost her baby... I don't really want to get too personal...I'm much like Brooke was in Cali, i guess, just...taking, one day at a time, even though it's been months and months don't think that pain ever really leaves. Just learn to live with it and though it. ANYWAY, i LOVED this, Thank you for posting. Added to favorites. Read ya Later ;)
5/6/2014 c19 Ria
Hey it's me, I couldn't bothered to log in. Nice to see the story to come to full circle. You got to the end! Great feeling right?
It seemed a bit random with the Ashley Taylor thing
Good job though
5/5/2014 c19 1bjq
5/1/2014 c19 dianehermans
thank u for this story i love it
i will looking out for your new brucas story
4/30/2014 c19 akinka
love it she have her happy end
4/28/2014 c18 dianehermans
ok i looking out for it
4/20/2014 c17 dianehermans
i love Brooke with Lily
Happy Easter
4/18/2014 c16 Guest
so lily was gone for 3 year not following and love that haley have a baby too and nate have a sister what don't see that coming in peyton and brooke don't need to be friends. waiting for the update.
4/18/2014 c16 dianehermans
great chapter love that lily is back and haley pregnent i hope the have the baby's the same say
4/18/2014 c16 12FizzyPop's'n'FlipFlops.x
Hmmmm. If I'm being completely I'm not too sure about the lily thing. I don't think it was necessary to bring in a whole drama regarding her when it's not relevant to anything.
Also I think it's a bit horrible how they sent her away! I did think for a second that instead of it happening in the past it was happening now and but lily would end up living with brucas instead of her grandparents.
I don't know it just seemed way too random to be In there. I don't really know what the aim of that being in there was.
4/16/2014 c15 FizzyPop's'n'FlipFlops.x
Right sorry it's taken me a while! Email alerts for this aren't always great! I've also been staying with family and the area they live in has no 3G and their wifi wouldn't connect to me! Can you believe that? Felt like I was living in the past!
Anyway back to this: it was a good turn. It made her realise. I'm glad she's pregnant again although I hoped she would heal and bit and they fixed their relationship properly before they let the baby fix it for them. You know?
I'm hoping the story is wrapping up now. Not that I don't love it but this seems like a good way to end maybe with a few epilogues or something.
Also don't worry about reviews. One you make the story complete more people will read it. Like me, I only read completed stuff now and you can understand why. So don't worry too much.
Ri x
4/13/2014 c15 akinka
omg love this chapter update asap.
4/13/2014 c15 dianehermans
Great update lucas is back and brooke is pregnent go brucas
4/11/2014 c14 dianehermans
is brooke pregnent?
and no you not let lucas die
so please update asap
have a nice time with your best friend
4/10/2014 c14 Guest
Dont Let Lucas Die PLease ...
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