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for To My Death I Fight

11/11/2022 c64 2Anemone Iris Sidera
It took me a long while to finish this fic but I'm glad I did. It was truly enjoyable from start to finish and I'm a bit sad to have gotten to the end. This was in unexpected crossover and you made it work. Thank you making this fic.
10/27/2022 c11 11Icura
Hahah, that vaccination.
9/26/2022 c2 cring cring
why didn't kisuke use bankai?
5/21/2022 c64 9Man285
Will you ever update?
5/12/2022 c27 Guest
"For just a moment Jackie Tristan looked like she might actually speak but instead she spat at Tsumugu's face, "Aller en enfers. You won't get a word out of me, you Nudist pigs! I'd rather die by Lady Ragyo's glorious hands than turn traitor!""

The correct French sentence here would be "Allez en enfer!".

"C'est quoi ce bordel, c'est que pour?"

You could shorten it to "C'est quoi ce bordel?", the second part of the sentence comes off as nonsensical in French.
4/21/2022 c42 1TheDragonMC
bruh why is Hellsing in this
4/18/2022 c64 reader Rana
as a person who reads crossover fanfiction, this is by far one of the best if not greatest fanfiction I've ever read
11/21/2021 c13 Eddyg125
How come Yoruichi didn't inform ichigo of Bui once she found out? By the way I still enjoy the story this is just me pointing something's out
11/21/2021 c10 Eddyg125
Yeah seeing problems that I didn't see on the first read
11/20/2021 c2 Eddyg125
reading this a second time I find it really unlikely that Nui could pose a threat to Kisuke. This second ready is opening my eyes to how nerfed bleach characters became
10/17/2021 c10 Boremfreadingfanfics
Aint no fucking way nui is stronger than yoruichi and kisuke. And this is why i hate fanfics you fucking nerf them
10/14/2021 c64 originalseeing
8/7/2021 c6 alinur1561
I really thought about it like only leg part like jeans and shoulders.
7/15/2021 c11 Elver Galarga
It was an amazing battle, but the best part was ichigo getting vaccinated… I can’t stop laughing my ass XD
7/14/2021 c64 1Maykr
A really good story, but the ending is lackluster. Reading a million words just to get an ending where neither romantic interests wins is kinda disappointing
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