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for To My Death I Fight

7/14/2021 c64 1Maykr
A really good story, but the ending is lackluster. Reading a million words just to get an ending where neither romantic interests wins is kinda disappointing
5/13/2021 c30 TheGamingReader
Thats one way to get to a persons heart. XD
5/12/2021 c27 TheGamingReader
Doesn't Xcution have spirit energy? Do they just not have it in this world.
5/11/2021 c24 TheGamingReader
I f-ing love Kenpachi. Battle maniac extraordinaire.
5/10/2021 c22 TheGamingReader
Of course she's more powerful than them. She's the President of the FIGHT Club.
5/10/2021 c19 TheGamingReader
Didn't they already mention this?
5/8/2021 c10 TheGamingReader
Yeah, right. Ichigo's willpower bio is much more expansive than yours Satsuki.
5/8/2021 c7 TheGamingReader
Dude...I'd kill for a four year battery life on my game controller. I'd eat as much as I'm told for that kind of battery life. Hell, turn me into a damn butler if need be.
5/7/2021 c2 TheGamingReader
S.A.U.U.P? Sauup... saup...supSUP!
4/1/2021 c4 WellWhatDoYouKnow
"Contrary to popular belief, while willpower and strength of mind were important for gaining control over a Goku Uniform, the real variable was the wearer's Life Fiber resistance percentage. Iori, as well as Lady Satsuki, did not understand what genetic factor made some people more resistant to the influence of Life Fibers than others."

This is like the most boring explanation for life fiber resistance possible. Plus, if life fiber resistance is determined by a genetic factor that's independent of willpower and strength of mind, it seems really convenient that the four people Satsuki happened to recruit for the elite four all happened to have high life fiber resistance.

"Lady Satsuki had financed genetic testing of twin students that had wildly different resistances"

I'm assuming you mean identical twins here but if identical twins have wildly different life fiber resistances, then the obvious assumption would be that life fiber resistance is not determined genetically.

"I thought I made it perfectly clear that I never wanted to speak to her again. Not after what she did to Ichigo…"

Was it really necessary to give Ichigo another superpower?
4/1/2021 c3 WellWhatDoYouKnow
That whole nuclear war coverup thing seems both unbelievable and pointless to me but I hope that it turns out to serve an important and satisfying function later on in the story.
4/1/2021 c2 WellWhatDoYouKnow
I guess I should have realized from the length of this fic that the power scales of KLK and Bleach would have to be equalized in order to have Ragyo be a credible threat for a million words but it still seems totally absurd to me that Nui could pose any threat at all to Urahara.
4/1/2021 c1 WellWhatDoYouKnow
"It turned out that most of the world was a wasteland. When he confronted Kisuke Urahara about it, since the former captain knew just about everything, the man gave a frustration-inducing smirk and hinted that things were quite strange around the world. Needless to say Ichigo turned around and left without asking anything else."

Wait, what?

This is totally out of left field and as far as I can tell, is incongruent with the settings of both bleach and KLK. I hope there's a good reason for this change.

Also, most of this chapter is exposition about KLK that presumably anyone who is reading this story is already familiar with. And besides that, to motivate the exposition Ichido is made to be ignorant of a bunch of details that he would more plausibly be aware of.

Also, you sometimes do this thing where a character will think something and then redundantly say the exact thing that they are thinking. It would be better to just do one or the other. For example:

"That was a name Satsuki did not think she would hear again anytime soon."
"Uryu Ishida is a name I did not think I would hear again,"

Also, Isshin's flashback seems to go from third-person limited to third-person omniscient with this line and I found that a little jarring.

"The speaker was a man dressed in full military camouflage and wielding a pistol. He had been part of a group that had planned to take the couturiers and designers staying at the hotel during the Tokyo Festival Week hostage for millions upon millions of dollars in ransom."

So, a mixture of nitpicks and some more substantive criticism.

I didn't love this as a first chapter but I'll keep reading since I'm liking your new story on SB.
3/28/2021 c64 Guest
I was expecting Ichigo to use some form of ultimate life fiber transformation.
3/26/2021 c64 Taiyo Kurosaki
"Do you hate the quincy because at the end you basically erased them"

P.s I have a character that is a quincy
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