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3/20/2021 c22 Y33t
I want Ichigo's heart to be taken out and shown to him and then for him to say, "Another race huh?" with a completely calm face
3/20/2021 c15 Y33t
I noticed that instead of saying something involving synchronization to activate mugetsu Ichigo says initial release, seems kisuke left a few suprises for Ichigo.
1/16/2021 c64 Issei ODR
Que ? Entonces este es el capítulo final?

Me gustó mucho lo historia pero me hubiera gustado ver una confirmación de quien seria la pareja final ichigo.
1/15/2021 c56 Issei ODR
Excelente capitulo
1/15/2021 c54 Issei ODR
Este capitulo me gustó mucho.
1/10/2021 c11 2Clear Skydancer
To be perfectly honest my biggest gripe with this story is that it doesn't treat Ichigo like he's fresh off of saving the world and the other side of the crossover is at the beginning of the story. Satsuki arbitrarily being at half strength even though she's using an inferior version of the bond for the Kamui, why?

Where the two are in their respective stories if Ichigo is using a superior way of bonding with the Kamui, he should be stronger than Satsuki, not he only won because oops Satsuki ran out of power. There's an imbalance in power that's heavily skewed against the Bleach side of the crossover and it's getting annoying at this point to read.
1/4/2021 c29 corjca1
nui your one dirty dirty dirty dirty ugly ugly bastard whore evil abomination whore
1/4/2021 c26 corjca1
we are made in gods image not the evolution satantic order crap this story is about evil satantic people trying to play god unholy abominations fires are waitinfg for them
12/20/2020 c22 JustDusty
I really hate this dumb caring facade isshin keeps putting up. First he plays the guilty sad card for not wanting to reveal anything about his machinations, he drops Ichigo in the middle of a war between himself and this woman and now he's pretending to care about him.
Also, i'm starting to suspect you've never read or watched Bleach before, it seems that at best you've read the plot summary on wikipedia and dropped Ichigo in this universe.
i have a feeling the only way Shinigami are involved in this story is the powerup to match Kamui. You haven't mentioned the wore "reaitsu" once in 300k words , every single essential character in this story thinks and acts in cloaks and daggers, i'm assuming Ichigo is never getting his powers back, so you're planning to have him pull a miracle out of his ass with the power of friendship am i right? because at this point if you don't abandon that way of thinking i'm dropping this story, it just doesn't belong anymore.
12/20/2020 c20 JustDusty
"I know my dad. He'll tell me what he knows when he feels the time is right. I'm not going to push him or anything"
I want to punch something. Ichigo is just a fucking nuke with a key being handed from person to person, first his dad and urahara and then soul society and now his dad once again. And it's secret after secret "for his own good"
You're pissing me off author, everytime you're about to reveal something you start a fight and end it prematurely and then you blame the whole thing on a misunderstanding and move on, that's fucking half the story and you're insulting your character's intelligence. It's blantant to every fucking person in Ichigo's entourage except for him that he's being played for a foul and being manipulated like the moron he is, just the fact that his dad seemed to call at the exact moment where this woman attacked Ururu, or the fact that he revealed himself just in time to teach Ichigo the final getsuga tensho, if that attack was so powerful then why didn't he use it himself to weaken Aizen? surely that wound have been enough to keep Ichigo from destroying his soul? You better start fucking doing something interesting because this constant pointless fighting is getting boring and infuriating, i should have known a million word story would turn out like this.
12/20/2020 c17 JustDusty
Okay, here's how i see this story, Everyone will be manipulating events around Ichigo as much as they can, lying, backstabbing while Ichigo is blissfully ignorant, until the 'bad guy' revealss himself and starts gloating and explaining his master plan to take over the world with a stupid apocalypse weapon, Ichigo is shocked and feels betrayed, his friends tell him 'you can't give up!' so he pulls a miracle out of his ass and saves the world , and then proceeds to forgive everyone for hiding shit and turning his life into a clusterfuck because they weren't ready to reveal secrets. "Un bUt IcHigO iS sMArtEr tHAn hE LoOKs!" yeah right.
12/20/2020 c16 JustDusty
You know, one thing i always hated about shonen protags is the fucking secrets and puppetmasters directing their lives and only revealing those secrets when it's already too late. It's like Ichigo is the ball in foosball table and the two players are Isshin and this CEO woman. I'm really hoping you start introducing shinigami soon. You keep giving so many hints and teases of past and future events that i completely lost track. can't you fucking reveal something for once?
12/19/2020 c2 JustDusty
"Benihime's shikai cannot stand up to it for extended durations without developing chips and cracks along the edge"
What? since when do zanpakuto act like normal swords?
12/11/2020 c41 Anxiety King
I just noticed... senketsu and mugestu are traps if u think about it
11/28/2020 c1 Helpful Guest
for those looking for more stories from the author, look for Don't Lose Your Heart on spacebattles dot com
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