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11/2/2023 c2 Haji the Monster
Shikamaru has the weakest taijutsu besides Ino and Sakura at this point. Hinata is leagues faster than him, and he would have broken his leg on Naruto's.
7/1/2023 c12 rjroy309
more updates please
10/31/2022 c1 1DemonkingRazronnal
Also asumadies from immortal bastard but returns as an edo summon and is proud of them*
12/20/2021 c12 kyletheemojew
Nothing on the story but you typed the date wrong so just wanted you to know
9/29/2021 c12 1yindragonkiba
Love it thus far wish there was more
6/9/2021 c1 LL
Oh ima love reading all your stories!
12/5/2020 c12 Jack Kincaid
Well that update deadline was a lie
Great story and if you're not dead I would love to see a continuation as there are no other stories that fit the criteria that this story does
3/12/2020 c12 Kingkong101
All your stories about naruto being a weak ass loser
8/7/2019 c1 markshandon7
Why the fuck you made naruto switch teams when it is suppose to be a balanced teams not fucking bullshit like that. And Naruto still Is Dead-Last in Grades.
6/22/2019 c1 Kingkong101
5/1/2019 c12 1Keyser.S
1 month from 30/11. That would be 30/12. It's May 1st. It's a little bit delayed...
12/8/2018 c12 7Kaito Echizen

Kaito is hungry wants to eat
12/7/2018 c12 SPark681
Hmm, nice chapter seems things are about to get intense anyways keep up the great work!
11/30/2018 c12 28Kairan1979
Glad to see the chapter reuploaded.
11/30/2018 c12 2Ryuujin96
Great work on this chapter. I love how Naruto ended his fight with Tenten, though to be honest the Hinarta/Neji fight stole the show in the chapter. That said the Gaara vs Lee match was very good, but I couldn't shake the feeling that Lee was going to lose, despite having an extra month to train. So again great chapter and I look forward to seeing the next one. I'm also happy that your back and updating this story.
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