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for The Dragon and the Mermaids

3/21 c64 Guest
Can you please update green eye killer
2/28 c64 zzkaizer
Can’t wait for the next chapter to come out :D
2/24 c64 Reader01
Now what about "I am only human" and "Green Eyed Killer"?
2/15 c64 Guest
I've waited hella long for this one! No pressure tho.. I just love ur stories man! I don't read others like b4 unless it's u.
2/13 c29 Blue22 lighting
Can mindy go away . All she does is whine and never shuts the fuck up
2/11 c64 TheDragneel
Jeremyjet Dude just shut the fuck up, it’s called Character Development you moron
2/9 c64 Martinjk
La espera valió mucho la pena buen capítulo
El gemelo malvado de Natsu es genial no puedo esperar al siguiente capítulo
2/8 c64 FlaminSteve
Great Chapter! I loved how you gave END an actually personality, he seems like a total badass. Hope you stay safe!
2/8 c64 4EliteOtaku111
Nice chapter here.
2/8 c64 2Striken
Glad to see this updated, I look forward to more of your work.
2/8 c64 Deathgun07
Finally, hope you're doing well inspite of all this covid19 stuff coming on. I missed this fic
2/8 c64 2Angryhenry
I fucking love this story man, glad to see you're alright
2/7 c64 Fairy Tail Fan
Holy shit bro you made END more badass than that poor excuse Hiro Mashima did in the Alvarez war, you actually hyped END and made him live to that hype without even showing much of his power.
2/8 c64 gerson
12 fucken rewrites jesus! That's why you took longer than I thought but it came out beautifully and I hope you don't try to claw your eyes out. I hope you also stay safe
2/7 c64 ikusatsunagi
Thx for another great chapter
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