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for Daughter of a Doctor

1/16 c50 Gabbie
10/1/2023 c28 Guest
I like to see that House actually has a heart.
9/12/2023 c106 hi
please can you continue this story

hopefully it has a good end also for house
9/11/2023 c106 hi
can you please continue
8/2/2023 c1 7cmee57
Glad I found this story.
5/21/2023 c43 daisykngdm
Wow! Plots twisting and edge of seat... Oh pajamas and all... :)
2/3/2023 c106 Guest
It’s me again! Emotionally hurt!
Want to add that you are just like your character Ryan! Keeping this abusive emotional cycle of tearing apart Talia and Me! Take responsibility!
2/3/2023 c106 Guest
Man, I must admit that your work is a fine piece of art.
I sometimes wonder if you’re an intern or doctor yourself to be able to put all these medical terminologies where they belong.
I don’t need to write about world building, cause it’s Princeton Plainsboro and it’s surroundings. But your characters, and the way you portray them is incredible. I admire you. I want to be like you when it comes to writing. And it’s one of the best fics I’ve ever read, honestly.
But I don’t know why, after reading all 106 chapters, I feel really bad. I even think I’m somewhat depressed and have no mood at all! When I watched House, it never happened, episodes just passed by and life went on. But as I read your book, my inner feelings got progressively worse and worse. Not because I think what you do and write is wrong, but because you were able to make funny HouseMd TV series that I liked, and his sarcastic personality, into drama series with constant edge. I tried to drop your work three times, honestly, but I came back to finish it. You’re a master at what you do. You truly are. I don’t know they way you’ve done it, but through your work you’ve successfully, too successfully maybe, connected me to the story, and Talia. Now I’m hurt, man! What do you suggest I do to get it out of my head? Because to become somewhat less downcast, all I can do is go and read some Chinese cultivation face-slapping and stupid harem with no feelings there!
Still, you’re awesome!
12/21/2022 c106 hi
can you please continue this story
12/21/2022 c106 hi
new update please
12/12/2022 c106 sayaghaffari
Could you continue this book ‘cause it’s awesome
10/9/2022 c101 williamkillian98
I don’t get updates when the new chapter comes out
9/23/2022 c46 williamkillian98
Please don’t be dead from Covid I want to read more of your stories
9/23/2022 c45 williamkillian98
Thank you for killing this bastard
9/23/2022 c36 williamkillian98
The American here appreciates the boot translation. Even though I already figured what it was for
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