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11/16/2014 c1 30The-KLF
Loved seeing her uncertainty melt away as he spoke, very nicely done :)
11/3/2014 c1 Kaitlyn0415
I'm not crying. I'm not. There's just a tree beanch in my eye okay? That was perfect... Absolutely and completely.
10/28/2014 c1 29CharacterDriven
Rings true to me, given slightly different circumstances than the show. I like it.
8/23/2014 c1 caskett fan 7970
Amazingly well written!

I am going through older stories, and at the time this was posted back in february, I would think that the majority of readers would Have told you to quit worrying about establishing yourself in this fandom - that was a given based on the stories you had posted by then.
6/9/2014 c1 Anna
Seriously awesome writing... Love the plot all the way through! Havent read any of your NCIS fanfics but i might start... You should definitely write some more Castle, i will sooooo read it! :)
4/13/2014 c1 lb
This is a great followup to Kate and Lanie's conversation. I hadn't thought about how Kate would be worried about the loss of what his books meant to her as well as his friendship/work partnership if they didn't work out. I love how you can get her to open up more than she does on the show but yet it is still completely in character and flows naturally.
4/7/2014 c1 Eslssl
Welcome to Castle fanfic. Excellent story with emotion, action, dialogue and banter just like the characters. Looking forward to your other Castle stories.
3/1/2014 c1 35naybaybay
Gorgeous! I love it, well done. :-)
2/12/2014 c1 diana teo
This was sheer perfection! Really. You could probably pen a Richard Castle book, too, you know. My fave line was 'If my fiction tempers your fact, then your fact ground my fiction'. Clever. Love Kate saying it was cheesy, too. Dare I say it? I think you write a better Caskett than Tiva... ;)
2/11/2014 c1 1conservativegirl
Stay! Establish! Amazing story with incredible character depth and complex emotions :)
2/4/2014 c1 self-taught
NCIS's loss is our gain! I loved it. What you called a cheesy line I thought was an insightful nugget that nailed these two: "If my fiction tempers your fact..." Please keep writing for our fandom.
2/6/2014 c1 Micrazy2
That's a very interesting way of getting them together. Most stories have them get together because of something specific from an episode and not just a little conversation in between. I do think that they should have been together by the end of season 3 and not waited until the end of season 4. Hoping that tptb won't mess with the Caskett relationship in the last episodes of this season to create "drama".

Thank you for writing.
2/5/2014 c1 24GeekMom
Welcome to a fantastic fandom! Nice job. You've captured the characterizations very well.
Thanks for the proper grammar!
2/5/2014 c1 789xyz
really enjoyed it! fantastic writing :)
2/4/2014 c1 SOPPNATION
Love it!
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