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for A rose with a dark secret

4/15/2023 c17 Anon
I read this when I was like, 11? All these years I’ve been wondering what fic it was. Some of the details aren’t exactly as I remember, but I’m glad I found it. Thanks for making something that was apart of my childhood.
3/13/2023 c17 bimanijoy
What a lovely ending to a beautiful story, I only wish I was on fanfiction net sooner but I guess it's better late than never.
8/14/2019 c11 Volt Chao
If I ever make a Amy fic Amy has secrets not related to 06... Like a certain pink cat and stuffs.
6/3/2017 c17 Guest
Please write another part to this I loved it!
4/6/2017 c17 2SonicStory
I feel as though this story is very underrated on this site. It's one of the best I've read in the Sonic/Sonamy fandom, it's so intriguing and interesting and i really like the sequel Dark Speed Demon has of it too. FANTASTIC job on this! :)
11/2/2016 c1 SAgotogether
Cute story
1/31/2016 c17 7MissMJS
This, my friend, was simply AMAZING!
I loved how the plot was, how you tied this all together, and I LOVED dark Sonic in this!
It's nice to find a story where Mephiles is actually good!
Great job!
Definitely favoriting this! :D
1/27/2016 c17 Guest
That was freaking awesome and Amazing . This was one of the best stories I have ever read seriously. :):)
6/27/2015 c17 Guest
Aww man, this was the best story I've ever read! It was full of emotion ad had me thinking about all the shocking cliff hangers. It was amazing.
3/17/2015 c17 1Night the wolf
hey what happened to the X-tornado?
2/11/2015 c17 imnotraven16
excellent story
9/20/2014 c17 MCgirl1152
10/10 Loved it! 3
8/3/2014 c17 10IT'S NO USE I'M OUTTA USE
To reviewers below me:

Hey everyone, thank you all for reviewing this story! Not only was it my first horror story but it was a story with chapters too! I appreciate your patience for it and taking the time to fave and follow as well!

Unfortunately, there won't be a sequel and I'm not sure about an epilougue either. However, I am considering to turn this story into a comic soon on DeviantArt. I'd like to know your opinions on it and tell me how I could improve as well. (PS. My username on DeviantArt is the same as FanFiction: FireWitch25)

The comic may take months or maybe over a year before I could start depending on school. (I'll be starting Year 10 in september so that means my GCSEs start and important exams)
7/19/2014 c17 Tsukaru Miane
Oh my gosh! This is the most awesome story I've ever seen in my whole entire life! I wish it was real, I wish Amy was really Mephile's daughter and her name was really Amelia Lynn Rose The Dark (I'm a bit jealous of that name). But yeah, keep it up! 3
7/6/2014 c17 LadyRose
I loved this story so much! The ending was so cute and emotional!
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