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10/22/2014 c29 1sub.C
Ugh, I really shoud've learned by now that reading stuff in my lunch break in the office kind of is a dangerous thing to do, cause you never know whether you'll manage to survive the chapter with no visible reaction or whether THE FEELS will loom behind each corner, ready to lunge at you with every word, trying to wash away the composure you're desperatly clinging to, in order to not turn into a teared up mess behind your desk... which would be awfully unsuitable for a lunch break. Ugh.
I was soooo close to it, reading that bit when Ed went berserk towards Hohenheim... or Roy's "actual speech" at Al's grave. But just like Ed at the cemetry, I resisted :P. Like, barely o.O... but yeah.

And all that stuff with Ed still finding himself unable to ask Roy and to admit... yeah, well, whatever it is that he needs. Which really is Ed being Ed :).

Cute, hearwrenching, painfully beautiful thing. ':o)
Oh and I can't wait to find out why Hohenheim came back and how (well... or more like, IF) Ed's gonna get along with that moron!
10/21/2014 c29 xxnarufanxx
a really awesome story so far! i am looking forward to the next chapter
10/20/2014 c29 2tetraforce theory
I'll never be good at reviews, but I always have a small heart attack after I caught up and see a
new chapter.
10/20/2014 c29 5Theotherhalfofdarkness
It's a really good and sad story. Each time a chapter comes out I have to jump back two and reread them so I understand What's going on, but I don't mind at all.
10/20/2014 c29 28SSAFunbar
I never did like Hohenheim I mean I can see his train of thoughts as to why he left the boys but I still hated him with a passion. I can't help but wonder what he and Mustang talked about and I hope we get to find out :) the same thing can be said for what ed us going to say to al... Ohh and I can't wait to see Mustang try and talk his way out of being shot point blank by Hawkeye...that should be fun ahhh I can't wait for more!
10/20/2014 c29 26NorthernMage
Oh god. There's going to be so much angst. So. Much. Angst.

*laughs, shaking head* Oh trust me I don't hate you! God, you update more than me, that would be almost hypocritical to do that!
10/20/2014 c29 28Gummysaur
aN UPDATE YESSSS i am so happy and now i am so sad because this chapter shattered me as much as all the other ones. 8'D
10/20/2014 c29 23xIcyChanx
This chapter literally ripped my heart to shreds and put it together again only for it to destroy in once more. TuT I teared uppppp D:
10/15/2014 c28 7LuckyFlowey
Omg I love this so much! I was so close to crying so many times! Poor Ed! And Roy and Al! So many sad things and funny things! It's great!
10/13/2014 c28 2tetraforce theory
I'm finally caught up. Yay! Just in time for dead people too! It truly is my lucky day xD
10/12/2014 c28 Guest
Amazing I am literally on the vearge of tears after every chapter
10/6/2014 c28 Guest
Regardless if you say it wasn't your best, still awesome to me.
I kind of miss seeing Ed clingy, I find it cute since I don't really find any stories with him being clingy.
Anyways still awesome chapter, I hope some parental fluffiness is in the next chapter since he wont be clingy anymore
10/3/2014 c28 28SSAFunbar
Fun fact: this was the first fma fanfic I have read and I must say I think I made a choice to read it :) you have a wonderful way of mixing all the dark with humor making this absolutely amazing. Awesome job with this, I can't wait to read more!
9/30/2014 c28 23xIcyChanx
This chappy was cute. I enjoyed it. x3 Can't wait for the next one! :D
9/29/2014 c6 CookieMonsta1233
"...an fisted his blankett hard."
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