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9/25/2016 c36 Red
Just spent the last few hours reading this story and I just had to let you know how utterly satisfying it was! Characterization was utterly beautiful for everyone, especially Edward and Roy. Just, wow, this was awesome. I was so sad that Al was gone but despite not being present he was still there as Edward slowly began to move forward. But it wasn't Edward that fully sold me, it was Colonel Mustang. I'm new to the anime (and anime in general) and the fanfiction but I've noticed the characterization of Mustang bounces all over the place, but your's dug into his behavior and his reasoning for it as well as his history so seamlessly...one of my favorite chapters was when Mustang confronted Envy and was roasting him and the thoughts Edward had at seeing Mustang's darkness. And without Scar there was a real potency there that I didn't get from the original about stopping Mustang from killing Envy being saving Mustang from himself. It wasn't patronizing, it was real and heartfelt from Edward and Hawkeye as two people who love him and lacked...I can't even describe it properly.

And the omake as the extra epilogue was was perfect with Mustang leaving a final note for Edward. And I loved how Ed was keeping the notes Mustang left and the creative ways he signed them, lol.

So yeah, this story was just an amazing read. Thank you so much for writing and sharing!
8/9/2016 c24 sakuzi-chan
Loving this chapter. The way you get into Edms headspace and the h/c
8/9/2016 c15 sakuzi-chan
Nice angstymchaptsr and I really liked the ending with Ed taking Hughes role as the keeper of Roy.
6/2/2016 c7 ZekiWing
This kinda sounds like this sleeping disorder my brother has. Apparently he unconciously associated his bed with thinking and stress, so now when he tries to sleep on it, he just can't fall asleep. Instead he falls asleep easier elsewhere. He's trying to fix the problem but its obviously taxing him.
5/17/2016 c36 12Akarri
Ah, well that was fun. This is going I my very exclusive list of "Parental!RoyEd that I will re-read next time I'm bored". I'm a sucker for the stuff and highly enjoyed reading this one. This is one of the stories that always saw, read the first part of, and skipped for some reason. I think. Maybe. It was a long time ago when I was young and foolish. This was a wonderful story and I loved reading it. I especially loved when you recreated the scenes where Roy fought Lust and Envy, since those were my favorite scenes in the anime.
That's for putting so much time into this story!
3/6/2016 c1 imalinwilf
1/12/2016 c36 30Dante Morose
I cast my vote for the alternative ending that shows what would have happened if Mustang HAD burned Ed's arm to get Envy. I've never read a story that portrays Mustang going over the edge, much less harming Edward in the process.
Please write more!
1/8/2016 c17 Dante Morose
Yes! Yes! I have waited two hours for this hug. (Yes, I am a slow reader.)
1/8/2016 c13 Dante Morose
Okay, disrupting my reading to say: I like this story so far; however, why would you interrupt a tender moment between Ed and Roy by writing in a stupid phone call?! When I read that, I glanced up at your name and growled, "How DARE you, BlueIsTheColorOfOurPlanet-" But I couldn't finish being upset at you because trying to read your name in an angry tone is just too hilarious.
So yeah, not upset anymore, but Roy better get that hug.
Now, back to the chapter!
Keep writing!
12/1/2015 c36 rosalindquinn
Hey! I finally finished Numb and it was beautiful! It was definitely up there as one of my fav fanfics! You did the hurt/comfort roles so well between Ed and Roy, and I could feel my heart breaking at the ending! With Roy saying I'm grateful to have met you! UGHHHH 3 I just wanted to say you are awesome! And I know you were thinking of writing an alternate ending where Ed was burned, and I would love to read it, since I want to see what there reactions would be! Anyway thanks for writing this awesome story!
10/24/2015 c36 3manga-otaku-94
Congrats on your 400th review! Loved the story and wish you had expanded more on how Ed and Roy took down Father and the differences in the story since All wasn't there to interact with other characers.

Best of luck for your future stories,
10/19/2015 c36 1NovaTheHedgehog7500
9/17/2015 c36 Rose
Roy teaching Edward to shave? So cute! It made me feel all warm and gooey inside.

I literally cried at the desk one. Ahh! Roy, why?! Why did Roy die?! IIt's too soon for me! Wahhhhh!

And oh god, Roy and that infamous speech. Lol.

I love this so much, and thank you writer-san for the wonderful story!
9/17/2015 c35 Rose
I have been looking for a story just like this, and I didn't even know it until I found myself reading through all 36 chapters in a day and a half. I love the emotion in here, and I love how Roy and Edward interact. I also love the misunderstanding, because it made it more realistic, and the slow-build of their relationship was just perfect. I also love that they talked to clear up all the misunderstandings, because in real life, that's the only thing to truly work for misunderstandings; communication. It's really sad that Al dies here, and that Edward went through such pain, but I can easily see this happen if Al did really die. Poor Edward is so guilt-ridden as it is with the failed transmutation for their mother, that I can see him crack if his dear little brother actually died. Poor Edward. And Roy and Edward were so cute! I loved Parental Roy with Edward. It was so wonderful! I hope you make more! Please do! You're a great writer. Thank you for the great story, writer-san!
8/28/2015 c35 AXELSashes
Absolutely beautiful...usually I can't stand dead!Al fanfics not because of how their written or anything like that, but because al's is my second favorite character :(
but this one was just...just wow, beautiful! From the beginning I was hooked!
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