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2/5/2014 c4 1QueenCari1129
Wow. This story is pretty sad, but so far it's pretty good! Can't wait to read more of it!
2/5/2014 c4 1Dragon the Antihero
I read the first chapter and wasn't to sure about the story itself. BUUUUUUTTTTTT im totally getting into it. I cant wait to see where this goes. Good job so far :D
2/4/2014 c3 1winry niko
made me sad but I laughed at mustangs letters :) update soon 3
2/4/2014 c3 kasinka613
Great story, I hope you'll conitnue. It's very emotional and sad, but you still manage to make me smile with Mustang's letters. You captured his personality perfectly. Can't wait for more.
2/4/2014 c3 10Fwoosheye
I really liked this, I'm looking forward for the rest!
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