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7/24/2015 c36 8Aquarica
Awwww, I loved this story. It was just so cute and fatherly and I loved it!
7/24/2015 c36 10Zangetsu50
I actually would like to see the second ending, it seems interesting.
Loved the omakes, question of confirmation, on "A Sturdy Piece of Furniture" Did Mustang pass away?

Is it too late to add another omake about Ed's dad, kind of curious since the Promise Day did happen, how was their interaction at the end?
7/24/2015 c30 76speedfanatic05
With each chapter, I stand in awe. Such a great way with words and emotions; the narrative pulls at the heart strings, leaving the reader ( at least this one) at full tilt with their own emotions. That's what a writer does, breathes life in dormant words.

I have to admit, I enjoy reading to escape such emotion, yet reading such deep, visceral feelings brings me so much joy. You've done an exceptional job at conveying that deep emotion.

Brilliant work :)
7/24/2015 c29 speedfanatic05
Absolutely, hands down, a beautifully crafted chapter. I'm simply at a loss for words at the moment. So many places in this chapter... The emotion was finely balanced; peaks of anger with subtle hints of angst and sorrow. This chapter could've easily been overwhelmed with melancholy but you've managed to supplant a bit of hope for Ed.

Just a lovely chapter.
7/24/2015 c36 1Brightheart10
That was sweet! I really like, no, LOVED that! A perfect ending!
7/24/2015 c28 76speedfanatic05
Loved this chapter simply because it's Ed, trying to wrap his head around things. He's been through a lot, met and lost people, lost Al, but he's gained a bit more. I'm so glad that he's finally understanding that the losses, although deep, doesn't mean he can't gain.

As for Roy, the longer this goes, the more I love his dynamic with Ed. Roy's always been multi-layered but this gives a greater insight into who he REALLY is. He's a complicated, yet compassionate man. He has his demons that he sometimes gives a bit of leeway. Still, he has enough fortitude to know that he's needed, despite his perceived shortcomings. It's that awareness that I love about Roy, that despite batting around in the dark, he's willing to keep moving.

I just love this story so much.

Great work :)
7/24/2015 c36 26NorthernMage
Ed, you need to stay appropriate for Maes!

About the new story - will it be set in the Numb!verse?

Hm, I don't know about the other ending...it'd certainly be interesting, but Ed and Roy's emotional states...they'd take a dive.
7/24/2015 c36 11Max Crimson
wow. So it's finally over. Sad at the end, but I loved it.

This fic has been an emotional roller coaster from the very begining, and I'm glad I was there for everything. This is going to be one of those fics that I'm truly sad to see end, but I'm glad that I got to enjoy it while it lasted.

I expect more greatness from you.

7/20/2015 c22 12pale-blue11
Whoa this story is awesome! It's been on my to-read list for the past three or so months, but I'm struggling to find time :\ that's why I'm reviewing now—because I'm not sure when I'll be able to read again.
So I love this story so far! And this chapter was one of the best. Your writing is beautiful and so suspenseful in all the best places! The end to this chapter, in particular. Ed's reactions are so in-character—as are everyone else's—and I found myself reading far later into the night that was really healthy. I can't wait to read the rest!
7/18/2015 c35 Guest
I love this story! I think you should make a sequel its so good! You really kept Roy and Ed in character which I love! Great job!
7/18/2015 c34 Hurdt
I love this story do much! You did a great job keeping them in charavter
7/18/2015 c35 Guest
What a great story! Thanks for writing!
7/17/2015 c27 76speedfanatic05
Loved that you surmised exactly what's been going on with Roy and Ed here. It refreshed my memory as well as put their situation, their story in a clearer perspective. It's awesome to see where they've come from, and ultimately, where they have left to go.

Great work !
7/14/2015 c35 1ChaosDragon25
Completly and utterly awesome i just binged all 35 i might make a suggestion do a sequel of this continue the story,Because that is one family noone can get enough in all i must say this is by far my favorite fan fic on here
7/13/2015 c27 Fangirl
I am SO in love with this story. It's SOOOO good! The only thing i have to say is that it'sl Ishval, not Ishbal
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