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for Ginger Snaps: Spellbound

5/26/2015 c23 Guest
This story was so awesome I read it twice over. Let's just say I really loved it. If there was a part 4 of GS the director should take your story for the continuation.
3/4/2014 c1 6Angelic Romance
I apologize dearly for the misconception of the characters. I Personally have never read any of the books from the twilight saga nor have seen the movie so i wouldn't really know what to compare and contrast. I understand there are a lot of disappointments with the way I constructed the characters. I would have truly left them as they were. My only reasons for doing so is because hardships can really take a toll on your life. In doing so, they tend to change you into someone rougher and unlike you(speaking from experience). Another thing, I made Sam more temperamental because of his condition of Lycanthropy. And like it was seen in Ginger, she was filled with rage as well as being irrational so I tried to relate that much and express that in the story. I've noted through the movie that people change once they get infected so I tried to leave Sam somewhat the same as well as change him a little because of those conditions. I wanted him to build as much rage as possible and then reach it's reaching point and explode with ration and reason. With the wolf being Jason, I was just playing on that a little, you know to stretch the imagination so that wasn't meant to be taken seriously. And the thing with Drew, I wanted him to be disliked in the first setting. That's why I made him as annoying as possible. So I will see if I can try to do an alternate version of this. One thing for sure, I had to add some more characters because it can't be the same three characters by themselves(Ginger, Sam, and Brigitte). Once again, I apologize dearly. Thank you for the comments.
2/23/2014 c1 unknown
Characters from this were really out of tune I mean Sam sounds a little too much of Ian from Final Destination and drew was far too annoying I'm not being rude or anything but this kinda reminds me of what you would read in a twilight saga book
2/23/2014 c10 Guest
drew kinda wrecked the story and the storyline kinda reminds me of the twilight saga theme, The characters seem to be out of character a bit and sam in this story acts way to much of Ian from Final
2/23/2014 c2 ANON
actually they never say who the wolf is,
The director himself said it wasn't jason'' look it up
2/22/2014 c23 EllezBellz
Great story. I love Ginger snaps. Shame there aren't more stories xxxxx

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