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for A Fun Bunch Of Guys From Outer Space

2/23/2014 c4 Guest
Of course Quatre would be fully cognizant of the fact that he is a colony cluster. He must be the one who tells the others what they are. Can't wait to find out about Wufei!
2/21/2014 c3 Wolfspeaker01
-I'm too lazy to log back in...

Oh, I love this!

I absolutely love this! First Duo's part - and I had to laugh at G even trying to compare Duo and Heero in any capacity whatsoever - and then Trowa... oh!

Trowa is absolutely my favorite, and I love what you've done here with him! That he comes to earth, and loves mobile suits... Especially the connection with Katherine. I think it's even worse here, because she has to know that he's not dead, but she still can't find him, unlike in canon where she probably ended up mourning him for dead. Oh, and Trowa being vaguely related to Toris... who is my favorite Hetalia character ever... through her... I don't think it could get any better!
2/19/2014 c3 Guest
These are all so good!
2/8/2014 c1 Guest
That is pretty darn cool.
2/6/2014 c1 20littlecatspaw
OH! This is perfect!

Exactly what I was imagining - in far more detail than I'd ever have the patience to do - and integration of the backstory and everything!

I am definitely eager to see what else you have planned!

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