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for The Seven Days of Valentine

2/12/2014 c7 2Toadally Unique Winged Gal
"Give light to my mind, make me see in the night."
give light to my mindopen up my mind
make me see in the nightshow me the unknown

Im not sure if this is what you wanted, but... yeah.
2/12/2014 c7 isra22
Aww that quote was beautiful :) When will Draco and Hermione meet
2/12/2014 c7 broodinggloom
Yay! This made my morning to wake up to the new chapter. I feel a little silly because I think the spell is starring me in the face, or maybe I'm just too sleepy to figure it out. I liked this update! Why didn't I think of Teddy bear, it's a cute idea. I hope you feel better (and not just because I want the next chapter)
2/11/2014 c6 Guest
watching for more - light hearted and fun
2/11/2014 c6 isra22
Really sweet dramione loving it so far!
2/11/2014 c6 18trustpixiedust
Ooo you could go really romantic. Like some sort of love letter or somewhat. I really enjoy the somewhat flirting going on during the letters. And she's seeing the future? How brilliant.
2/10/2014 c6 broodinggloom
Hermoine making the chocolates was nice. I feel like she would want a personal touch, and that definitely provided that. Getting the alert in my email, makes me count down for Valentine's Day as well. I liked this update, somehow it feels a little shorter than others, but I like the fact we got a little more involved in the spell. I wonder what the spell shows...duh duh duh! Since it cant just be future because she has seen her past both
2/10/2014 c6 Daethli
Yes, this was really great, I loved it n _ n;
I can't wait till they get to meet. w ;
2/10/2014 c6 Potterhead911
Hi, i really like this fic. it is adorable and I cannot wait for Hermione and Draco to meet at the ball! :D I got a suggestion for one of the following chapters, here goes: they have to buy each other a teddy bear or something like that :) just a suggestion, looking forward to the next chapter :)
2/10/2014 c6 emily.j.the.strange
Nice :)
2/9/2014 c5 Daethli
I love this, i need the next chapter ; 3 ;
2/9/2014 c5 broodinggloom
I loves this update! Does our valentine know they have Hermoine? A quill to her is just perfect.
Maybe the next one could be a homemade thing. Like a valentine or treat. Would have to be something made from the heart.
Or something they couldn't live without ( a book to represent knowledge as an example)
They could talk about fear and something that represents that fear or the hope they will overcome it.
Just whatever came to my mind. Good luck
2/7/2014 c1 broodinggloom
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