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2/13/2014 c1 24Galad Estel
Peeta was also my favorite character in the Hunger Games character. I actually wondered a lot what it was like for him after he had been hiijacked. Was there still a part of him that did not want to attack Katniss? And how the government made him like that. I think they may have used some of his own negative memories of Katniss and made them all, it would help if truth were in some part of it. Katniss did reject Peeta for a long while, then also used him to comfort her, when Peeta really never had anyone to comfort him. (Peeta's mother was not a comforting type). Peeta was always far less selfish than Katniss, so the government would probably have had a harder time changing Peeta than say changing Katniss, who gets suspicious and angry at people more easily. Though Peeta did kill a girl once, to make the Careers not suspicious and to put her out of her misery.

Sorry, your poem just got me thinking.

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