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for The Journey of Lifetimes

6/11/2015 c1 5DXAL
You got me good! Every humorous story that I read that has Yugi, Jaden, Yusei, and Yuma together always manages to crack me up. They are the perfect family.
11/19/2014 c6 5SoulEklipse
Jaden- Fletchling
Yusei- Combee
Yuma- Bunnelby
Yugi- Skitty
6/30/2014 c6 Guest
Yugi could have abra as a pokemon
6/20/2014 c5 Guest
That was incredible chapter
6/7/2014 c5 Guest
the answer is aura spere
5/12/2014 c1 starryeyesauthor
this story is super neat! especialy cuzi only know one of the characters :P
cant wait to read more of ur stories!
2/16/2014 c1 19The Xatu Ghostshipper
hey reply to this i got an oc if u wish to use

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