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for Zero no Tsukaima: Saito the Onmyōji

8/11 c13 GoPoe
Censoring the name made no sense considering most people already know and you revealed it not long after anyway.
8/5 c1 1EBYrsTruly
7/30 c30 Shadow55
When you about to update new chapter please please
7/13 c6 1Nevarus
technically magic can be a weapon and any talismans that are inscribed to do offensive spells definitely are weapons. shouldn't the runes glow almost always?
7/13 c2 Nevarus
I was pretty sure sempai technically was a honorific...
7/2 c30 Shadow55
When you about to update new chapter please please
7/1 c16 Daimon Agafo
Russian Volkvi, - mistake (Volkhvi) Волхвы
7/1 c12 Daimon Agafo
she's called Slypheed - mistake (Sylpheed)
7/1 c10 Daimon Agafo
like Éléonore or Cattelya,
Cattelya pointed out softly.
Cattelya asked sharply
Cattelya had always gotten
The other one is Cattelya,
Cattelya countered, much to her sister's surprise
An excellent suggestion, Cattelya
Cattelya admitted
Cattelya trailed off in horror - mistake (Cattleya)
6/30 c30 3MCRasengan
Great story. Looking forward to seeing how things progress from this point. Now that Saito is here to stay, it’s inevitable that he’s drawn into battle with this Black Star Sheffield. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next update, whenever it comes.
6/26 c30 anon
I hope she doesn't whip him out of jealousy just to get herself deflowered without saying "I love you make love with me" (while stuttering and blushing)
6/19 c30 ILikeFanfiction4296
love this story I hope it's still going.
6/12 c12 DameNingen1
I would say he is underpowered… I would love to see him get stronger
6/11 c30 4jgkitarel
The only thing missing from THAT spell is a mushroom cloud, because those guys just got up close and personal to a magical nuclear explosion.
6/11 c30 Ariadne Venegas
I really hope Emeraldas kill him he had been a torn for too much time!
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