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2/12 c99 Jenny
I know it's been over a decade, and I have been reading this story since you've been writing it. There's something about this story that just really sticks with me - I come back every now and then, throughout the years, just to re-read some of the chapters that just have never left me. Something about your evokes emotion in a way that's hard to come by.

In any case, there was only one chapter left of this story, per your author notes...and I wondered if that chapter was ever finished, and would be allowed to be read? If not - that's ok (of course), the story is near complete and honestly probably doesn't need it...but I'm so curious to see how you would have genuinely finished it.

In any case, thank you for occupying a space in my head with such a wonderful and evocative story over the last 20 (!) years. Hope all is well with you ️
2/9 c99 Guest
It’s been a while since this fic was last updated but it is just so good that I keep coming back to it for many many many years now and just wanted you to know that in 2024 someone is still enjoying this story
11/23/2020 c99 34foolofatook001
I've seen this story on so many different authors' favorite stories lists, but I kept hesitating because of the chapter count (you have to admit, 99 chapters is pretty intimidating...) But the length is actually quite manageable, and the story was compelling enough that I didn't mind at all! I'm glad I finally decided to give this story a shot.

I really enjoy the way you've worked in more of the comic-verse elements to the Evo-verse - Rogue's unique relationship with Magneto, Carol, Sage and Bishop! (I got very excited about them, having them be part of the Thieves Guild was very cool.) I also REALLY appreciated the lack of angst. Like, this is kind of weird, but I loved that you were able to have the whole Bella Donna storyline play out in a very singular way. Still having the duel, but making it so Remy and Julien were in it together (and keeping Julien alive), as well as having Belle and Theo end up together were all things I'd never seen before (and I've read a LOT of Romy stories lol). Same with the whole Carol thing - Rogue and Carol actually grew from outright hate to close friends, and that was also unique. Usually Carol is a pain in the behind the entire time :P

Remy and Rogue's relationship was fantastic and I loved how the Thieves just pretty much straight-up adopted Rogue XD And the kids are adorable. Of course they'd have twins. And I like the way you handled Rogue bringing together the two very different sides of her family.

Anyway, this story was great, and if you're ever feeling up to posting that "one chapter left to go," you've certainly got my follow :)

Keep up the good work!
- foolofatook :D
9/6/2018 c78 Allleila
I do so love this story. I enjoy rereading it every year. Please update it soon. You only need 1 more chapter!
8/10/2018 c98 8CharmedSerenity
More of a question than a review and not sure if I asked this before but did Rogue attend Kitty's wedding?
6/26/2018 c99 Zevia99
I always come back to this fic to re-read and see if the final chapter is there :) I know it’s been a long while, but I very much enjoy this vision of Rogue and her life and I’d love to see how it concludes. Thanks for the wonderful telling, it really does a great job of capturing each character as an individual and showing how they grow.
1/31/2018 c99 rolygarcor
this was real good. i enjoyed it a lot. while im .of i would call it ends on a satisfactory note. and although its 2018 and this was written i 2011 i think it stands the test of time.
1/7/2018 c92 Guest
Fuck Jean and Scott both!
11/8/2017 c99 Azue
I could read this universe forever! So wonderful!
9/27/2017 c48 3kittenclaws
5/10/2017 c70 8CharmedSerenity
Love this chapter but how old is Nathan? Lance said he was six months a few chapters ago but you got him as a year old in this chapter.
8/19/2016 c1 wa
黄淑娴,shu xian。Excuse me, give me a English name
7/3/2016 c96 CharmedSerenity
Yay Romy babies. Though it would have been nice for the girl to be called Irene instead so Rogue's side of the family was represented too.
6/27/2016 c99 2RogueGambit3
OMG this is amazing and I love it soooooo much
3/25/2016 c99 3Crystalbutterfly04
I have to say that this is one of the best ROMY fanfics that I've ever read! It's like a breath of fresh air among the other stories out there. You've portrayed Rogue's character as someone very powerful yet I, as a reader, did not feel that she's overpowered. I like how you reduced how sexual Remy is and actually showed that's he's a gentleman who respects Rogue. Another thing I like about this is how you managed to balance the heavy and the light points of the story. You've managed to prolong the story without letting your readers get bored of it. This is such an excellent work. Kudos!
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