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5/30 c16 Guest
I love this chapter. So poignant and prescient at the same time. Delving into the inner workings of Ken Ford has given an added richness to the final book in the series, and here, serves to further our understanding of Walter, and had me shedding silent tears with the knowledge of what's to come. The quotes used here were deftly applied, and truly enhanced the interaction between the two.
Am enjoying this so much - have been reading each chapter at least twice before going forward. There are so many layers to each that a single read never does it justice. Your words are brilliant, and I've enjoyed each and every one of your Anne/Gilbert fics, but I think you've a hidden talent for writing about the Blythe/Meredith/Ford sprogs, especially the lesser known ones. Am hoping you might consider writing more in the future :)
5/25 c12 Guest
Found this on your page whilst waiting for an update for "meant to be". And what a hidden gem it is! This chapter in particular, was so wonderfully written. Like a bittersweet rewrite of Anne and Gilbert's well-worn tale, sprinkled with hints of hope and promise. I love it so, and have never felt more for the Di Blythe (even given what happened to her in Rainbow Valley). Di Blythe and apples and Gilberts - never knew what I was missing before!
5/15 c4 geekloverlz
Never mind making these characters seem like real people (an amazing feat in itself); it's like you've really met them. How do you do it? "I want to know"...
4/4 c8 jbbarnes
This is so gorgeous. Honestly, I would love to read a similar story from you from a period that doesn't bump up against the war or even an AU without one because it feels like you capture the era so beautifully. The kids grown up, the idea of them maturing. I love your Jem/Faith/Walter relationship, particularly how you've nailed down their personalities and how they might interact in a love triangle like this. It's all so beautiful, you are a tremendously good writer.
9/27/2021 c20 Guest
This was so well done! Thank you for being true to the characters and story. I feel as though I’ve discovered a new LM Montgomery sequel.
6/9/2020 c20 Guest
I love your versions of the Rainbow Valley lot. Would love to read more. Especially Jem/Faith, Nan/Jerry and whatever happens next with Di and Gilbert?
5/21/2020 c9 AdeptatHumanError
Needing a fix for a fanfic update, I found myself reading this story for the first time. ROI was not my favorite of the series, but I enjoyed this chapter in the book and your chapter illuminates the picture I had in my head so much more. You paint such a vivid image with your words. I loved the clock analogy and mention of Joy is always so bittersweet. But I love how she was never forgotten and her siblings were so aware of her. Such a heartwrenching chapter.
4/5/2019 c19 multidisaster
iM nOt cRyInG yOu aRe
11/15/2017 c20 75kslchen
I know, I know, I know... this is an old story but I figured, since I started reviewing old stories, I might as well finish, no?
Anyway, this story, hands down, is one of my absolute favourites. RoI is my favourite of the Anne-books and yet you found so much more to weave around LMM's story, so many gaps to fill and details to flesh out that it is frankly amazing. You made me care about the characters all over again and yet all in a new way and to be honest, after over three years, I still come back sometime to re-read. I do that occasionally with books but hardly ever with fanfiction, so that just goes to show how much I did (and still do) enjoy your story. Now, I fully realize that CTA is finished and that MDAM is the sequel you mentioned but have you ever thought covering the intervening years as well? If so, I am entirely certain I'd have another favourite story just like that ;).
7/25/2016 c20 5OriginalMcFishie
Rilla is my favourite Anne book and because of that I avoided your story for some time. but what you've created is a masterpiece. True to the characters and yet still allow them to develop. I loved an impressive piece of work
2/23/2016 c1 Anna
You are a far better writer than I could ever hope to be even in my imagination, so please fill in this spot with the most effusive praise for every aspect of your work. The style is spot-on, the characters ring true and are fleshed out (even more- and more satisfyingly!- than in the original!), the stories themselves are WONDERFUL and draw me in totally... Thank you so much for putting so much time and care into these and for sharing them with the world. While I've been waiting for another chapter to appear in the AWW sequel, I've reread Rilla of Ingleside. When I finished it last night, I remembered that you had some Rilla fic as well, and I couldn't have been happier. Thankfully, my computer wasn't within reach, or I might have been up til dawn reading your stories yet again! You've brought a whole new dimension to my love for these characters, and as I said in a review on a different tale (Redmond Diaries, maybe?), you've made it possible and easy for me to keep loving these stories as an adult with the same affection I felt when I first read them. May your day be filled with pastries as perfectly puffed as Susan's as a reward.
11/2/2015 c20 7Formerly known as J
Even though I do like me a bit of 'cock-sure swagger', kwak, I couldn't decide whether I liked that, Ken's 'quieter knowing' or the 'scrabbling, desperate fool' underneath best. I laughed at *that* letter from Ethel Reese (there's always a letter, isn't there, k?) finally spurring Ken into action. And fancy Rilla stepping out with the Methodist minister's son - what would Cornelia Elliott say?! I so loved that Ken's 'road to Rilla was strewn with fears that someone else would get there before him.' And that he was only now regretting all those missed opportunities to spend time with her over the past year.

I also loved Mim thinking about how she had to give the dust at the front door a thorough going over, wiping at imaginary grime and not 'wasting' her creamed peas on him again. Haha.

Then I loved him walking to Ingleside and feeling as though the shadow of Fred Arnold went with him, and his heart lodging in his throat when he saw Rilla. I laughed that he nearly broke the other ankle! And of course LMM's dialogue woven in as perfectly as always. I am constantly in awe at how easily you can do that.

It was pure kwak genius that him seeing Rilla with the baby reminded him of the painting of the Madonna at home and it was that scene that really tipped him over the edge. Such feeling elicited that he was rendered speechless while he watched her and I loved that Susan stomped up to them right in the middle of all that. I laughed about it in RoI, too, but this little scene made me laugh just as hard. Hilarious.

And finishing with that significant wave to each other and how that was the moment he knew he would return to her. Just perfection. Sigh. I just adored this, k. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful story.
10/30/2015 c19 Formerly known as J
Kwak, I do think that this is my favourite chapter of this story, if not my favourite chapter of yours ever. From Walter's poignant exchange with John Meredith, followed by the cute poetical interaction between him and Una, I loved this so much.

But of course it is Anne who really brought tears to my eyes. So happy that her son is strong and writing again, but then the realisation of just what it is he is writing about, explaining how those mothers and babies on that sinking ship decided it for him. Your genius writing is so strong here, k. The butterfly leaves catching the paper he'd been writing on, Anne gazing upon his sleeping figure, remembering how she used to say she loved them down to the tiniest hair on their toes, and her connection to Walter among all her children. It all rang true and painted such a vivid picture. Then the way she was thinking of Matthew as she put her ear to his heart was just wondrous.

After that, I loved Gilbert as 'her living "Book of Revelation"' - so beautiful, kwak. And at last, the phone call from Kenneth. Phew, he took his time!

I love this story and I thank you for it. Even though I know what's coming, I'm still breathlessly anticipating Ken's visit. :)
10/30/2015 c20 14mountainrivergirl
I don't know WHY I hadn't read this before, since I love Rilla of Ingleside and enjoy your Anne stories so much. I finished it last night and this is really fantastic. It reads like a true novel. I'm glad you're continuing it!
10/26/2015 c18 7Formerly known as J
You know I enjoyed Anne bequeathing her own decoupage box for Rilla to keep Ken's letters in. Even though Rilla doesn't feel their contents smack enough of love letters to justify it. But the fact that Ken realises that Rilla is the one he can confide in about his dreams of joining the army was just perfect. I loved Rilla having to dash from the room at Susan's talk about how many officers were killed. Honestly, that war was so wrong.

Of course Owen was against the war machine and an advocate for thinking for oneself about it all, and I love him questioning Ken's claims that nobody was forcing him to go. My favourite was 'I want you to create not destroy.' I think Owen's pride in Ken's achievements as an editor spoke so eloquently about how much Ken may have misunderstood his father's feelings all this time. I loved the ties being discarded in the pot plants and on the Iroquois face mask and I found myself imagining how fabulous that Ford mansion must be. Not to mention Ken's uniform with the Venetian glass buttons. Persis chopping her hair off was the perfect way to show her suffragette sentiment and she must have been secretly glad that Ken's news would be a sufficient distraction for her father. But I do wonder what will Leslie say about it all?
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